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PB Swiss Tools Screwdriver Challenge

Jul 30, 2008

pb swiss tools screwdriverh challenge logo pbvsyours test quality hand tools

pb swiss tools screwdriverh challenge logo pbvsyours test quality hand tools

pb swiss tools screwdriver challenge 8190 philips screwdrivers hand tools quality smt pcb repair rework

pb swiss tools screwdriver challenge 8190 philips screwdrivers hand tools quality smt pcb repair rework

Gainesville, GA, July 30, 2008: Some may call it crazy, but no, it's not a joke. We want to do something that has never been done before in the history of tools! People are always looking for the best deal around, but only PB Swiss Tools has the right price for you� FREE!

That's right; we are giving away free PB Swiss Tools screwdrivers to any industry professional willing to put our brand to the test against their current brand(s). We are looking for every mechanic, technician, maintenance, repair, engineer�everyone needing high quality, industrial strength screwdrivers to take part in our challenge. All it takes is going online and signing up. If you qualify, we will send you a PB Swiss Tools screwdriver, free of charge, for you to use at your job. We want you to put this thing to the test�WHATEVER it takes!!! After 2-3 weeks, we will send you a short feedback survey for you to fill out and return to us. The screwdriver is yours to keep! Supplies are limited so sign up fast to ensure that you will receive your FREE PB Swiss Tools screwdriver.

Meet the PERFECT screwdriver:

Outstanding Performance - PB Swiss Tools screwdrivers fit better in the screws and fasteners thanks to precision tolerances on key tip dimensions and the latest manufacturing technologies and automation. All of PB Swiss Tools screwdrivers exceed DIN, ISO, SQS, and ANSI standards. No other tool manufacturer can make this claim. PB Swiss Tools also maintains the closest tolerance (less than a human hair) on all of their manufacturing processes. PB's quality assurance standards are unsurpassed with quality checks through every stage of development and manufacturing from raw material to finished product. Because all operations (A-Z) are performed within their Swiss facilities, PB Swiss Tools can offer a serial number for every tool that can trace production back to the raw material. Again, something that no other tool manufacturer can offer!

Durable & Flexible - PB Swiss Tools screwdrivers have a longer working life thanks to a stronger tip! The combination of raw material, heat treatment, and the highest standards mean that your tool will out perform in every situation. All PB Swiss Tools are manufactured using a special spring steel alloy and heat treating process that has been developed over the past 130 years. In spite of the high hardness of 58 - 60� HRC, their tools have an excellent toughness and elasticity. One of the most critical components of a screwdriver is the tip. PB Swiss Tools manufactures each screwdriver above all international quality standards to ensure that each critical contact point matches the corresponding fastener to produce the most durable screwdriver. PB Swiss Tools also give and bend when put under pressure, they don't just snap off! Other screwdrivers claim that they can withstand the pressure, but only PB is able to bend their screwdrivers over 90 degrees without any sign of fracturing. Other manufactures may use standard tool steel or even high torque steel, but PB Swiss Tools screwdrivers are guaranteed to be the hardest, strongest, and longest wearing tools on the market!

Ergonomic Form and Function - PB Swiss Tools screwdriver handles are designed to fit comfortably in your hand while maximizing overall torque transmission to the fasteners. More importantly, their screwdriver handles are designed to protect the blade and ensure safety for the user. With the innovative SwissGrip series, you are guaranteed a slip-proof grip (oil, water, grease, etc.), sensational comfort, quick identification, and even chemical resistance (acetone, gasoline, etc.)! No other screwdriver comes close in form and function.

Affordable - Just because it's SWISS doesn't mean that it costs a fortune! PB Swiss Tools offers the best price to performance ratio of any tool manufacturer in the world. These are not your common everyday hardware tools. PB Swiss Tools manufacturers high-performance industrial strength hand tools for industry professionals and mechanics. Our superior quality tools can be purchased at the same affordable prices as our major competitor's brands. We have had customers using the same tools for over 15-20+ years without complaint or need of replacements. That's something that you rarely see in today's marketplace... a professional tool that can withstand constant use for that period of time.

Maybe its time you raised your expectations about your screwdrivers�

PB Swiss Tools doesn't produce junk. Our tools are guaranteed to exceed the expectations of every tool user. Professionals have been buying our tools for over 130 years because they are stronger, last longer, and have features no other company can offer. More importantly�our customers use our tools because they work! Our objective is simple: The quality of your tools should match the quality of your work. We want everyone to know that by using poor quality screwdrivers they can damage equipment and endanger themselves and others. Inferior tools wear out quickly or even worse� they can strip out the head of your fastener. The quality of your tools directly affects the amount of time and effort it takes to get the job done.

So, only one question remains�do your tools stand up to the quality of PB Swiss Tools?

Take the PB Swiss Tools Screwdriver Challenge and find out!

Visit to sign up and get qualified for your FREE screwdriver.

PB Swiss Tools specializes in high quality hand tools that are designed for professionals requiring ergonomics, precision, and optimum performance. All products are backed by an unlimited lifetime guarantee, so you never have to worry about buying another tool again. We are familiar with the demands that professionals and mechanics place on these first-class tools that are in daily use in over 30 countries world-wide. These tools get the job done, period.

Jun 10, 2008 -

New Line of products from PB Swiss Tools offer ESD protection!

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