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Saelig Introduces RBD 9103 USB Graphing Picoammeter

Feb 21, 2020

RBD 9103 Picoammeter from Saelig

RBD 9103 Picoammeter from Saelig

RBD 9103 Picoammeter from Saelig

RBD 9103 Picoammeter from Saelig

Saelig Company, Inc. announces the availability of the RBD 9103 USB Graphing Picoammeter, a compact, versatile, general-purpose picoammeter designed to accurately measure DC current from nanoamps to milliamps via its isolated BNC input. This rugged, portable, and affordable picocurrent sensor is available with high-speed and high-voltage options, optional bias, and 5kVDC float isolation. The 9103 USB Picoammeter measures bi-polar DC current and can be biased from an optional built-in fixed +90VDC bias, or an external low-noise DC power supply. It comes with a  NIST-traceable calibration certificate.

The 9103 can take accurate current measurementsfrom 1pA to 2.499mA at sample rates up to 500Sa/s. The user-friendly PC software interface supplied provides optimal control and quick access to all functions such as data recording and graphing. The 9103 is also compatible with OSx, Linux, Matlab, and LabView, and can be controlled via a simple ASCII interface.

The 9103 is available in four models:

  • Standard: sample rate 40Sa/s and optional 90 V fixed or external bias.
  • High-speed: sample rate 500Sa/s and optional 90 V fixed or external bias.
  • High-voltage: sample rate 40Sa/s, isolated input can float up to 5kVDC
  • High-speed / High-Voltage: sample rate 500Sa/s, floats up to 5 kV DC

Designed to provide precise bipolar DC current measurements even in noisy environments such as synchrotron beam lines, the 9103 is equally suited for diode and IC I/V characterization. With unique qualities like DC voltage isolation from chassis ground to 5kV, possibilities for researchers include direct DC current measurement of very small electron and photo multiplier signals.  Electron and ion beam measurements can be biased to reduce secondary electrons or to retard the beam as needed for experiments. The 9103 is also multi-channel capable - up to 127 units can be synchronized together.

Compact  (2.11” x 6.68” x 6.30”) and lightweight (1.5lbs), the 9103 is made in USA by RBD Instruments, world-wide leader in producing innovative products for the high-vacuum and ultra-high-vacuum industries.  The RBD 9103 Picoammeter is available now from their technical distributor Saelig Company, Inc., Fairport, NY.  

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