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JBC extends its cartridge range with new models

Jan 24, 2017

Cartridges with extended tip life

Cartridges with extended tip life

JBC cartridges have been designed to best suit the operator’s working needs.

JBC, a leading manufacturer of soldering and rework equipment, has extended yet again its cartridge range with new models.

For T210 Precision Handles
C210 cartridges are appropriate for precision soldering jobs with medium power requirements.

  • C210027 Cartridge Bevel Ø 1,5
  • C210031 Cartridge Bevel Ø 2
  • C210028 Cartridge Spoon Ø 1
  • C210029 Cartridge Spoon Ø1,5
  • C210030 Cartridge Spoon Ø2

For NT105 & NP105 Nano Soldering Tools
C105 cartridges are ideal for soldering and repairing very small-sized components at high precision, also when using a microscope.

  • C105127 Cartridge Bevel  Ø 1
  • C105128 Cartridge Spoon  Ø 1

For T245 Handpiece
C245 cartridges have been designed for general soldering purposes and are perfect for both SMD components and applications with high power requirements.

  • C245790 Cartridge Pin / Connector Ø 0,8
  • C245789 Cartridge Knife 3,5 x 0,3

For T470 HD Purpose Handles
Due to their size, C470 cartridges are appropriate for intensive soldering purposes and are also perfect for both SMD and applications with high power requirements.

  • C470061 Cartridge Knife 10,6

JBC cartridges introduce unseen levels of precision and uses to the soldering process thanks to their excellent heat transfergreat durability and instantaneous heating up. Moreover, by using the sleep and hibernation functions, tip life can last up to 5 times longer.

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