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Valtronic Expands with Two New Inspection Systems

Nov 27, 2018

Valtronic’s continuing efforts to improve our manufacturing processes and production quality, Valtronic is pleased to announce the addition of two new machines for use in production: Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI). 

The SPI will assist with an automated 3D inspection of all solder paste deposits on the SMT line. The SPI process will be performed before any of the solder is melted, and before any component is placed on the circuit board. It provides benefits such as improved efficiency and quality for high pitch devices, early detection of defects and increases the reliability of our processes.

The AOI can assist in identifying potential issues with SMT placements and reflow. It will identify problems early in the production process by detecting issues such as tombstoning, cold solder joints and orientation, etc.

Both will improve the reliability and repeatability of our process and help to ensure product quality throughout the SMT assembly.  This equipment is currently being implemented to Valtronic’s Surface Mount process product lines.  “By investing in this inspection technology we are increasing our flexibility and production capabilities, along with the ability to more easily run larger quantities,” stated Roger Zimmermann, Operations Manager. “Valtronic is excited to make these improvements to our standard manufacturing process and looks forward to the implementation across our customer’s products.”

Valtronic designs, develops and manufactures miniaturized and complex electronic products for medical device partners across the globe. With facilities in Switzerland, the U.S, and Morocco we offer design and feasibility to industrialization and manufacturing, providing a full range of competences and solutions.  

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