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Universal Announces Platform Feeder Upgrade Path

Jun 22, 2011

Universal Instruments announces an unprecedented upgrade path for its customers to enhance the performance of their surface mount platform feeders. The offer features two distinct options for improving feeder functionality to maximize machine and production line efficiency: a Gold Feeder Remanufacture Program, and a “Green-for-Gold Plus” Feeder Recycle Program.

Optimized surface mount production efficiency can only be achieved utilizing equipment in peak operating condition. Universal Instruments is introducing multiple upgrade paths to ensure its customers get the most out of their platform feeders, as damaged, worn, or misadjusted feeders are the single largest contributor to poor machine efficiency. The lack of a maintenance program to address these concerns can lead to mis-picks and retries that can reduce actual machine output by as much as 20%. In addition, poorly operating feeders can waste expensive components, as they can be left in the tape or dropped into the machine after a bad pick.

Debbora Ahlgren, Universal’s Vice President of Marketing, states “These upgrade paths provide tremendous value to our customers by affording them the ability to dramatically enhance their overall productivity with a minimal investment. For most, it will provide an immediate and significant improvement over their current feeder and production performance.”

The Feeder Remanufacture Program, offered through Universal’s Broome Engineering Group, refines a customer’s current feeder set to ensure the highest degree of operational efficiency. This program is available on two levels. The first includes replacement of wearable parts, cleaning, lubrication, latest-level firmware, calibration, and a barcode label signifying the service. The second level includes all of the first-level services, plus additional enhancements to bring the feeder up to its highest possible revision level.

The Feeder Recycle Program, driven by Universal’s Worldwide Parts Sales and Distribution, allows customers to exchange their PrecisionPro Green Feeders for the very latest Gold Plus Feeders. This is a limited-time offer, valid through September 1, 2011. Customers receive a $250 rebate for each Green Feeder recycled when a Gold Feeder is purchased. The rebate may be applied towards the purchase of Gold Plus Feeders or any of Universal’s other spare parts, including feeder storage carts, feeder setup stations, feeder bank assemblies, tape scrap bins, and more. Gold Plus Feeders are Universal’s best-performing component feeding option and offer several improvements over the Green Feeder portfolio, including improved mechanical robustness, faster indexing, electronic pitch adjustment, and continuous splice capability.

Product Information:
Universal Instruments Gold Plus Feeder portfolio delivers the most innovative feeder technology available. These feature-rich feeders offer several features and benefits:

High Performance Gold Plus

  • Single-Lane
  • 71 msec index speed (4mm index)
  • 8-88mm tape width, multi-pitch
  • Allows up to 72 inputs/machine
  • 0201 qualified - no need for dedicated 0201 feeders
  • Continuous splice capability
  • Precision locating features (8/12mm) for improved chip delivery performance
  • Unique feeder ID and reel detection sensor, compatible with PSV
  • Standard High Torque Mode for all 16-88 mm
  • Available 7" or 13" reel holder options

High Performance Gold Plus 60

  • Dual-Lane
  • 60 msec index speed (4mm index)
  • 8mm tape width, multi-pitch
  • Allows up to 144 inputs/machine

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