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NEPCON China 2012 Onsite Activities to Show First-ever Wonderfulness

Mar 19, 2012

Multiple Specialized Activities to Be Held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center for the First Time

With the purpose of holding the conference and exhibition simultaneously, NEPCON China has long been the vane in China’s electronics production equipment and electronics manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, the organizers have made constant innovations in many aspects such as professional conferences, onsite activities, etc. to help participants receive a more comprehensive and thorough understanding of the development trend of the electronics manufacturing industry market. NEPCON China 2012 will lift its curtain on April 25 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, together with more than 10 high-end authoritative industry conferences created with great effort by the organizing committee. It is reported that many specialized activities will be presented to the visitors for the first time such as SMT Senior Talents Gathering, East China Manual Welding Competition, Printed and Flexible Electronics Industry Development Forum, etc.  

It is expected that during NEPCON China 2012, nearly 500 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition, over 18,000 industry leaders and buyers from various fields will exchange opinions, and more than 1,000 electronic production equipment, products for testing and measuring, and related components will be exhibited. Additionally, a large number of senior professionals will converge at the serial professional conferences and onsite activities, co-created with enormous effort by the organizers and the leading organizations in the industry to provide an in-depth discussion on hot topics such as the status quo and trends of current industrial technology, the electronics industry and manufacturing, advanced packaging technology, and the reliability of lead-free technology, which is expected to stir up a brainstorm of how to promote the technology, innovation capability and service quality for China’s electronics manufacturing industry to a new level.  

In order to enhance the manual welding capabilities of China’s electronics assembly industry, Reed Exhibitions, CCPIT Sub-council of electronics information industry will team up with IPC China to organize the East China (Shanghai) Manual Welding Competition 2012 to offer a stage for the welding operators of domestic electronics assembly enterprises. It is learned that the winners of IPC China Manual Welding Competition 2012 from the seven regions - Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Qingdao, Xi’an, Wuhan and Shenzhen - will come together at NEPCON China 2012 for the finals, which will be in strict accordance with IPC standards specifications.  

Printed electronics stands as another revolutionary industry technology after the Si microelectronics technology in the electronics manufacturing field. The electronic devices and systems manufactured through printing feature large size, low cost, flexibility, and the ability to be plasticized and hyalinized. By 2020, the global market scale of special electronic products based on printing as the basic manufacturing technology will reach $57 billion. Abroad, Korea, Japan and Singapore, in particular, have recently made vigorous efforts to develop their printed electronics technology and industry. Being the world’s largest country that produces and consumes electronic products such as displays, lighting products, solar cells, RFID and other bulk electronic products, China embraces a brilliant future for the development of printing and flexible electronics. To promote the industrialization of China’s printed electronics and allow more enterprises to understand printed electronics and enjoy the various benefits brought by it, 2012 Printed and Flexible Electronics Industry Development Forum, which is co-organized with tremendous effort by Reed Exhibitions, CCPIT Sub-council of electronics information industry, Printable Electronics Research Center of Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics, CAS as well as the National Printable Electronics Industry Alliance will also make its debut at NEPCON China 2012.

SMT has been active in China for 26 years, during which time a myriad of SMT talents have emerged. Therefore, NEPCON China 2012 will launch the First SMT Senior Talents Gathering to offer a platform to display these talents. It is learned that four prizes for SMT senior talents will be unveiled by and expert judge panel consisting of numerous excellent enterprise representatives: Best SMT Manager, Best SMT Process Engineer, Best SMT Equipment Engineer and The Most Potential SMT Talent. The selection will develop around the themes of the Enhancement and Example Demo of SMT Production Line Planning, the Example Demonstration of SMT Process Improvement and Its Development Trend, the SMT Equipment Maintenance Improvement Cases and the Challenges It Faces, etc.

SMTA China East Conference has become the landmark in the SMT field. In conjunction with NEPCON China 2012, SMTA China and Reed Exhibitions will join together to hold the SMTA China East Conference 2012, which will address the industry’s most pressing issues covering electronics manufacturing, business focus, emerging technologies, and lead-free & reliability. The topical coverage of this year’s High-Tech Conference/Vendor Conference will include assembly, operation, emerging technologies, PCB technology and process control. As an important part of the SMTA China East Conference, the SMTA Engineer Certification Program 2012 will be launched.

Anti-static technology is the fringe science that has received increasing attention and kept developing in the current modernization drive. As an important part of NEPCON China 2012, Reed Exhibitions will not only set a specialized exhibition section for it, but also will team with the SMTA, SEPIA, ACT International and CleanRooms to hold the Summit Forum 2012 on Anti-Static Industry China concurrently. As a top professional forum in China’s ESD industry, this forum will mainly dig into the anti-static protective technology at the backdrop of micro-SMT - to examine the establishment of an S20.20 system and an anti-static protective area.

Moreover, NEPCON Fans Club, Engineers’ Salon and SMT Home Member Gathering and other classic activities will appear, as scheduled, in NEPCON China 2012. Michiel Kruse, Vice President of Reed Exhibitions East China, said, “We have been dedicated to the development of the industry and the innovation of NEPCON. With the brand new positioning and strategy upgrading of NEPCON based on industry and region, and to satisfy the demand and expectation of the exhibitors and visitors toward this professional platform, NEPCON has made constant innovation in its professional activities, which will definitely provide a top-class and unprecedented exhibition experience to China’s SMT and electronics manufacturing industry and the overseas supporting organizations.

It should be pointed out that as the sister exhibition of NEPCON China, NEPCON WEST 2012, which has proven to be the most significant event of the comprehensive electronics exhibition in the western region of China, has attracted more than 100 exhibitors to book booths, including First Technology, Omron, BTU and other internationally well-known exhibitors. It also is learned that Reed Exhibitions will team with Taiwan Printed Circuit Association to create a new section at NEPCON WEST 2012 - PCB TECH 2012 - to facilitate the development of the PCB industry in West China.

For more information about NEPCON China 2012, please visit

Reed Exhibitions is the world’s leading events organizer, with over 460 events in 36 countries. In 2010 Reed brought together over 7 million event participants from around the world, generating billions of dollars in business. Today Reed events, organized by 34 fully staffed offices, are held throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Reed Exhibitions holds over 460 events including exhibitions, seminars, forums and conferences, serving 44 industries. Reed Exhibitions is part of Reed Elsevier Group plc, a FTSE 100 company and a publisher and information provider. In 2009, Reed Elsevier made an adjusted pre-tax profit of £1.28 billion on turnover of £6.07 billion.

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