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  • Aegis Software brings traceability, tracking and an integrated paperless environment to Norautron - on two continents

Aegis Software brings traceability, tracking and an integrated paperless environment to Norautron - on two continents

Oct 10, 2012

 Norautron Group AS is a USD 125 M global technology group, which provides flexible electronics manufacturing services into the Maritime, Offshore, Defence & Aerospace, Data, Communications, Industry, Energy and Medical sectors. They have recently purchased complete Aegis software installations for three sites in Norway, Sweden and China.

Norautron has chosen Aegis software to solve a number of issues, including component traceability, better WIP tracking and improved documentation handling and distribution. They will also use the integrated Aegis solution to replace and reduce the large number of software systems and programs currently deployed across their sites. The software’s paperless environment will become the operators’ main source of information. In addition to this integrated, efficient realtime control, Norautron expects to benefit from improved quality reporting including full component  and process traceability with quality statistics.

A large factor in their choice of Aegis was the software’s availability as an out of the box product offering fast deployment as well as ease of maintenance. The software will  bring its control and process improvement to eight SMD lines manufacturing PCBs for sonars, bridge consoles, panel systems, steering cabinets, I/O modules, power steering and distribution systems, communications systems and data processing units.

This latest success for Aegis Software also reflects their commitment to increasing their share of the growing Scandinavian market. “We have a product that really meets electronics manufacturers’ needs and gives them a competitive edge,” commented Daniel Walls, Aegis Software’s European Managing Director, “Accordingly, we’re looking forward to further customer wins throughout the Region as well as extending our relationship with Norautron.”

Aegis’ enthusiasm is shared by Norautron. “We are very happy with how Aegis presented their solutions in the sales phase, and with how the implementation is taking form. We are eager to start using all the new options this solution provides us.” Glenn Tarraldsen, Norautron’s Chief Operation Officer commented, “Our experience so far is that Aegis will simplify and increase the efficiency in many processes and give us the necessary tool to gain complete control over WIP, traceability and quality statistics” .

Norautron AS is a full service electronics manufacturer established in 1989. 
Norautron offers their customers flexible and cost effective services to help improve their competitive edge. These services range from design, test development, prototyping, PCBA, cable harnessing, electromechanics, advanced box build, system integration and industrialization to product lifecycle management and after sales support. 
Norautron AS is a trusted and highly competent partner for a number of global players. The company’s headquarters are situated in Horten, 80 km south of Oslo.

Aegis Software provides single-vendor information systems for high-reliability manufacturers, providing a critical complement to enterprise-level ERP and PLM capabilities. Aegis' Manufacturing Operations Software fully manages the manufacturing information environment, from process planning and launch, quality and test management, through manufacturing execution and shop floor materials control, to operations analytics and real-time dashboard systems.




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  • Aegis Software brings traceability, tracking and an integrated paperless environment to Norautron - on two continents
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