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The 30th of Nepcon China 2021 was grandly opened at the Shanghai

Apr 22, 2021

The 30th of Nepcon China 2021 international Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition is opening at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall during April 21 ~23.

The world's leading 700 electronic manufacturing equipment (including X-Ray) suppliers and brands participated in the Nepcon China, exhibiting covering PCBA manufacturing process, 3C automation equipment and technical solutions. Tens of thousands of professional visitors came to visit.

ASM, PANASONIC, FUJI, YAMAHA, HANWHA, MPM from SMT & printing machine;

BTU, HELLER, Rehm, ERSA, TAMURA from the field of soldering and dispensing;

OMRON, Keysight, Koh Young, Parmi, Pemtron, Teradyne, TRI, KIC from the test volume section; and related electronic manufacturing agents WKK, First Tec, American Tec, Gallant, KAL, etc., For 35,000 people from consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communications electronics, High-quality corporate representatives in the industrial control field provide procurement docking, X-Ray industry inspections and technical exchange services, bringing more inspiration to the industry.

As an globally renowned X-ray equipment manufacturer, Unicomp Technology will strictly control the product quality of these outstanding companies. Among them, many companies have used our offline and online X-ray inspection equipment.

LX2000 is an online X-ray detection system (90KV or 130KV for option), which can reduce manual intervention on the production line, automatically judge and sort defective products, and improve the detection efficiency to the greatest extent. It’s widely used in SMT, BGA, CSP, flip chip, led detection, etc.

AX9100 is equipped with a 90-130kV, 3μm X-ray source and a million-level high-resolution FPD detector. With magnification up to 1600X, high resolution real-time imaging, 7-axis linkage, 360 degree full angle rotation detection, it is a high-performance electronic manufacturing X-ray detection device. It has a wide application on SMT, BGA, Semiconductor, package components,etc.

AX8200MAX is equipped with a 90KV, 5μm X-ray source and a million-level high-resolution FPD detector(130mm*130mm). With magnification up to 600X, high resolution real-time imaging,realize unilateral rotation tilt detection of 60 degrees without loss of magnification ratio, automatic measurement of solder joint defects, bubble ratio, multi-functional DXI influence system, programmable detection and equipped with a 24-inch touch screen LCD.


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