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Plasmatreat at Virtual Battery Exhibition 2021

Apr 29, 2021

Surface treatment with Openair-Plasma enables ahigh-quality assembly, long service life, good temperature management and weather resistance of different batteries.

Surface treatment with Openair-Plasma enables ahigh-quality assembly, long service life, good temperature management and weather resistance of different batteries.

Plasmatreat GmbH goes virtual and is present at the 2nd Virtual Battery Exhibition from VDMA battery manufacturing, whichwill take place online from April 27 to May3.Plasmatreat is the international leader in the development and manufacturing of atmospheric plasma systems for the pretreatment of substrate surfaces. On its virtual booth the companywill present highlights about its own developed and patented Openair-Plasma technology for surface treatment.This technology is one of the most efficient industrial processes for cleaning, activating or coating plastics, metals (e.g. aluminum), glass or other materials and enables reliable and perfect bonds betweenthese materials or material combinations.

Battery manufactures of any kind (e.g pouch, prismatic or cylindrical cells) know the different challenges during the battery production and in battery cycle lifetime very well: high-quality assembly, long service life, good temperature management and weather resistance. Due to emission regulations and related lawsthese companies are often also interested in more environmentally friendly production processes.Manufacturerscan thus improve and optimize their production processes, lifetime of batteries and also reduce VOC emissions with surface treatment empowered by Openair-Plasma exploiting positive effects on their ecological footprint and on cost-efficiency.Because of the high safety requirements in the battery production, Plasmatreat offers a variety of solutions to ensure high-quality end-products, perfectly integrated automation and a unique quality assurance standard for premium batteries.

On its virtual booth visitors will see special information and videos to learn more about plasma technology, plasma systems and its advantages for battery manufacturing. For example, the company will present their PCU (Plasma Control Unit) with different process and quality control modules to cover quality assurance aspects through the production. Exemplary modules of the PCU are the Plasma Power Measurement (PPM). It is the highlight of the PCU and determines the output of each jet to regulate the intensity of the plasma beam and to ensure a uniform treatment of the surface. The PPM will do that by measuring the secondary plasma power of each Plasma jet itself. Other examples are the Light Control Module (LCM), controls the light emitted by the plasma discharge and the Rotation Control Module (RCM) which is monitoring the rotational speed of the rotational Plasma jet.

Moreover, international experts from the Plasmatreat Group worldwill be available to clarify questions and to discuss different issues in battery assembly process via the live chat. Moreover, Mr. Lukas Buske, Head of Plasma Applications at Plasmatreat Germany, takes part in the Virtual Battery Conference program with his presentation “Openair-Plasma® Technology for Durable Modules and Stable Processes in Various Battery Applications“. He will give among others an overview about the plasma treatment in general, about different plasma jets and their possibilities of usage in the different assembly processes and for what kind of applications Openair-Plasma can be used.

Plasmatreat is an international leader in the development and manufacture of atmospheric plasma systems for the pretreatment of substratesurfaces. Whether plastic, metal, glass or paper - the industrial use of plasma technology modifies the properties of the surface in favor of the process requirements.

Openair-Plasma® technology is used in automated and continuous manufacturing processes in almost every industrial sector. Examples include the automotive, electronics, transportation, packaging, consumer goods and textile industry, but the technology, cost and environmental advantages of the plasma technology are used in medical technology and in the renewable energy sector as well.

The Plasmatreat Group has technology centers in Germany, USA, Canada, China, and Japan. With its worldwide sales and service network, the company is represented in more than 30 countries by subsidiaries and sales partners.

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