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Murray Percival Co. Awarded MicroCare Distributor of the Year

Feb 10, 2022

The Murray Percival Company is pleased to announce that it has received the 2021 Distributor of the Year award from MicroCare.

“When deciding who should receive the accolade of Distributor of the Year, one name kept coming up time and time again, and that name was Murray Percival,” commented Ray Bellavance, MicroCare VP of Global Sales and Marketing. “One of the company’s key strengths is its dedicated staff whose teamwork has been a major factor in Murray Percival winning the top award.”

Murray Percival Jr. and Murray Percival III were presented the award at IPC APEX EXPO in January. “We obviously wouldn’t be here without our amazing customers and the strong support system from MicroCare,” commented Mark Percival Jr, Murray Percival Co. MARCOM Manager. “We care very much about building trust with our customers, and I believe in doing so we hit successes such as this, and it’s just fun to be able to celebrate with our partners and customers as a whole.”

MicroCare is a leading manufacturer of affordable, environmentally-progressive chemical products for precision cleaning, coating and lubrication. The MicroCare line up consists of defluxers, roll wipes, flux removers, pre saturated wipes, degreasers, contact cleaners, stencil cleaners, solvent wipes, and high precision dusters. MicroCare started as a small company specializing in aerosols to clean electronics. Today, their mission is to create cleaning solutions that utilize the most innovative technology providing the highest quality for your sophisticated equipment. Their best-practices approach to business makes MicroCare’s products more cost effective and safer for the workplace and the environment.

To learn more about the line of MicroCare products offered by the Murray Percival Co., please visit:

Murray Percival Company is a third-generation family-owned business that have been in business for over 60 years. They offer thousands of assembly equipment and production supplies as well as the industry’s leading process enabler.

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