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Trade-in Deal Offers New Irons for Old

May 06, 2003

Metcal has just made it easier for manufacturers to change their existing soldering irons by offering a GBP 75 (Eur 100) trade in on their old systems, towards a brand new Metcal SP200 soldering system.

This is an opportunity to own a cost-effective and easy to use soldering system designed for both though-hole and SMT applications.

An operator need only select the correct tip cartridge for the application, insert it into the hand-piece and switch it on to produce flawless soldering every time.

As the unit works at a lower temperature than a conventional soldering iron and requires no calibration, an operator will always apply the correct level of thermal energy needed to produce the highest quality solder joints without the risk of component or PCB damage.

This makes Metcal's soldering iron technology the perfect 'drop-in' solution for lead-free hand soldering, as it allows the higher temperature requirements to be met without a significant increase in tip temperature, whereas conventional irons will almost certainly cause excessive overheating damage to components and delamination or scorching of substrates.

The SP200 is an extremely reliable system that it is virtually maintenance free, and offers a range of tip cartridges designed to suit a wide range of soldering applications, at a new lower cost which makes the SP200 soldering system more economical than ever before.


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