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Oct 03, 2005

At this year�s Productronica trade show in Munich (A5:337), MYDATA automation will unveil its latest solution for flexible production. The MY500 jet printer is the SMT industry�s first stencil-free printer. This revolutionary new concept for applying solder paste to PCBs offers many advantages over the industry�s standard screen printer.

The MY500 gets its name from it speed. It uses a patented Jet Printing Technology� to shoot volumes of solder paste at 500 dots per second (1.8 million dots/h). With the MY500, the electronics manufacturing industry can more quickly optimize solder paste application process, thereby increasing quality and significantly lowering costs.

Because the MY500 Jet Printer needs no stencils, operators can change the print program in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, they can control the volume of solder paste deposits for each pad � an �on-demand� benefit that is not possible with conventional screen printers. To develop the jet printing technology, MYDATA teamed up with leading solder paste suppliers, including NIHON ALMIT Co.,Ltd. and Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

According to MYDATA CEO M�rten Lundberg, the MY500 is without a doubt the most important innovation in the company�s 20-year history. �Since 1986, when MYDATA first launched its pick-and-place machine, we�ve always placed a strong emphasis on R&D. The MY500 is the result of a lot of hard work and research into how to make the SMT process more flexible and therefore more efficient. It is both the answer to an industry demand today and a necessity for a future in which new technology will call for an increased freedom in pcb design.�

Other benefits to stencil-free production include:

� No more waiting for stencils to arrive from stencils manufacturers

� No more stencil production costs

� No more hazardous solvents to clean stencils

� Instant control over paste volumes on pads

� Flexible programming possibilities

� Reduction of errors associated with screen printers

� Lower consumption of solder paste

The stimulus for the development of the new printer came after a customer asked a MYDATA salesman if the company could find a way to reduce the number of errors coming from his screen printer. Now, almost seven years later, MYDATA will present its answer at Productronica, between November 15 � 18, 2005. The company will have four jet printers on display and will host a series of demonstrations showcasing the product�s features and benefits.$File/my500_hr_tiff.tif

MYDATA automation designs, manufactures and markets SMT process equipment for the electronics industry. Its mission is to be always innovating�in order to satisfy the electronic industry�s need for surface mount technology and services that meet the highest demands in terms of productivity and quality.

Based on a modular hardware and software design, MYDATA equipment has been developed for flexibility and high-yield production over time. By focusing on faster changeovers and setups, and on achieving the lowest possible cost per mounted component, MYDATA has built a strong customer base and long-term relationships with customers in countries throughout the world.

Sweden-based MYDATA has a worldwide sales and customer support network with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Japan, China and Singapore.

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