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Six-Sigma Samsung Stencil Printer SMP400 Goes Online at ACI Demonstration Factory

Jul 18, 2008

Samsung SMP400 Screen Printer.

Samsung SMP400 Screen Printer.

Samsung and Dynatech Technology have added the Samsung Stencil Printer SMP400 to the American Competiveness Institutes EMPF Demonstration Factory. The six-sigma capable printer joins the Samsung SM421 Advanced Flexible Mounter with STF100S Zero-Impact Side Tray Feeder, a complete IT feeder system with an offline programming station and IT Mobile Workstation.

The SMP400 Stencil Printer is the newest addition to Samsung's popular SM Series, complementing the SM Series Mounters and SRF Series Reflow Ovens.

The world-class Samsung SMP400 combines automatic and economical printing with a suite of standard features and options to fit a wide variety of production needs. Operator controls are based on the standard SM Series interface, enabling rapid programming with an average set-up time of 10 minutes for new boards.

"Samsung facilities around the world are using the SMP400 as part of a complete SM Series production line every day," said Mike Foster, General Manager, Dynatech Technology. "The same end-to-end quality is now available to our customers with the addition of the SMP400 printer. One of the many benefits of a turn-key Samsung SM Series SMT production line includes our dedication to supporting the entire process, not just another piece of hardware. The SMP400 is where the process really starts, so it's key to our customers' success."

Superior Stability, Faster Printing

The cast base frame of the SMP400 is engineered with a low-center of gravity to minimize vibrations during operation. This rigid structure is complemented by a high-precision, servo-control system on every axis, using a single-layer module to simultaneously operate all axes.

A six-sigma precision, high-accuracy vision system combined with a patented alignment and clamping system enables the SMP400 to provide fast, accurate and repeatable board-to-stencil alignment every time. The SMP400 adjusts the stencil position to accommodate the location of the board minimizing the need to re-align the conveyor with the outbound transport system once the board is printed.

The SMP 400 incorporates an automatic calibration function that ensures long-lasting, high-quality prints throughout the life of the system. Calibration can be performed as part of a regular maintenance cycle or at the start of each change-over to ensure correct automatic print-height leveling, squeegee down-pressure and vision calibration.

SMP400 printers' features include a high-speed, three stage conveyor, closed-loop print head, the patented Samsung Advanced Separation Control (ASC), automatic stencil cleaning and 2-D post-print inspection. Application software extends the GUI developed for the SM series placement system to the SMP400. SM Series operator control software provides a consistent look and feel across all the SM Series platforms, displaying familiar icons, menu structures and operation sequences

The SMP400 handles boards from 50mm x 50mm up to 620mm x 510mm and is capable of reliably printing fine lines for 01005 pads.

Dynatech Technology, based in Horsham, PA, was formed by Dynatech International as the North American distributor for the sales and service of Samsung Techwin SMT equipment. As the North American distributor, Dynatech Technology provides 24/7 service with a guaranteed 30-minute call-back time, continuing a 25-year tradition begun by Dynatech International, its parent company, in military and commercial aerospace servicing.

Dynatech International, Edgewood, NY, in business for more than 25-years, is an established ISO-9001 distributor of Samsung Aerospace spare parts and logistics. Dynatech International's subsidiary companies are Dynatech Turbine Services, Dynatech Engineering and Dynatech Technology.

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