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  • New Vacuum Vapor Phase Reflow technology receives warm reception in Japan

New Vacuum Vapor Phase Reflow technology receives warm reception in Japan

Feb 11, 2009

Despite today's challenging economic conditions, Rehm Thermal Systems' launch of the innovative VPS Condenso Vacuum system has triggered widespread interest throughout the industry. Demonstrated most recently in Japan at the Internepcon exhibition, the innovative system alone attracted more than 100 visitors from over 30 different companies.

Visitors to the Rehm stand in Tokyo discovered how the VPS Condenso Vacuum System harnesses the power of condensation reflow to produce exceptional results. Offering a wide range of advantages over traditional vapor phase soldering systems, Condenso delivers extremely effective thermal transfer due to the even release of heat during condensation and the perfectly constant temperature of the medium. The specific boiling point limits Condenso's maximum soldering temperature, preventing damage by overheating. Subjecting the molten solder to a vacuum, Condenso enables remaining residues and gas inclusions to easily escape to guarantee void-free soldering with lead-free solders.

As Rehm Thermal Systems' Chief Commercial Officer Marc Dalderup explains, this is a critical development for the modern manufacturing industry: �Void-free soldering with lead-free solders is an important prerequisite for the production of power electronics. However, minimal void rates are only possible with soldering processes that subject the molten solder to a vacuum, as is the case with our VPS Condenso Vacuum System. That's why, while delighted at the positive interest customers around the world are expressing in the technology, we are not surprised by how warmly it has been received industry-wide. We spoke to many customers working in areas including automotive, aerospace and defense who were extremely interested to learn how the system is able to drive their productivity in these critical fields. Our team is now looking forward to a very busy year ahead which will see us working hard to meet the diverse challenges of our customers.�

Marc concludes: �As a key driver behind the growth of our technologies, we're constantly looking for new ways of helping manufacturers compete in today's markets. Attracting over 60,000 visitors from around the world, Internepcon Japan's success was a positive indication of the continual demand for technologies prioritizing quality and value. And, following the successful launch of Condenso, I'm pleased to say this demand shows no sign of abating any time soon!�

For more information about the VPS Condenso Vacuum System from Rehm Thermal Systems, please visit

About Rehm Thermal Systems

Rehm Thermal Systems ( is an international supplier to the electronics and photovoltaic industries, specializing in convection, condensation and selective soldering, as well as curing and firing technologies. Rehm has manufacturing operations in Germany, China, and Russia, and technical support facilities throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

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  • New Vacuum Vapor Phase Reflow technology receives warm reception in Japan
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