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MicroTech Manufacturing Standardizes on Cobar SN100C-XF3

Aug 20, 2009

August 2009 — Cobar Solder Products, part of the Balver Zinn Group, announces that MicroTech Manufacturing, a contract manufacturer in the Phoenix area, now is using Cobar SN100C-XF3 as the standard lead-free solder paste for all its customers unless specifically directed to use a different material.

In July, MicroTech Manufacturing evaluated SN100C-XF3 and found it to perform better in major evaluation criteria such as screen printing. Additionally, it offers better solder joint appearance, profiles easily, and leaves minimal residue on the PCB, making it a true no-clean solder paste formulation. Based on the results of the evaluation, the formulation now is the preferred solder paste at MicroTech Manufacturing.

“MicroTech Manufacturing has recently begun using SN100C-XF3 solder paste from Cobar with great results. Our customers have been very pleased with how good the assemblies look when compared to other lead-free solders we have used in the past,” said Doug Brown, president of MicroTech Manufacturing. “The solder is easy to use from a printing standpoint, and creating the oven profile for a variety of boards has been quite simple. With the ease of use and great customer comments, SN100C-XF3 is quickly becoming the preferred lead-free solder for MicroTech Manufacturing.”

The XF3 solder paste was developed to accommodate extended reflow profiles, with or without the use of nitrogen, and it completes the family of Cobar products based on Nihon Superior’s patented SN100C-alloy. XF3 demonstrates superior wetting performance on all common metal surfaces, and exhibits a robust printing window for printing at 10-200 mm per second. XF3 also is classified as an IPC-J-STD 004 REL0 solder paste, with safe residues that keeps the reflow oven clean.

For more information about MicroTech Manufacturing, contact Doug Brown, president, at

455 W. 21st St., Suite 104; Tempe, AZ  85282; 480-996-1213; E-mail:; Web site:

For more information about SN100C-XF3, visit or contact the distribution and warehouse facility in New Hampshire. Cobar Solder Products, 53 Wentworth Ave., Londonderry, NH 03053; 603-432-7500; Fax: 603-432-7519.

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