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Fuji CP6 12X12mm Mechanical Feeder


Fuji CP6 12X12mm Mechanical Feeder

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CP6 12X12mm Mechanical Feeder


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Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd

FUJI CP6 12X12mm Mechanical Feeder

1.. CP6,CP7,XP142,XP143 Feeders:

8mm * 4mm  Pepar feeder  KWD_0804

8mm * 4mm  Emboss Feeder KWE_0804

8mm * 4mm  Paper Feeder  WD_0804

8mm * 4mm  Emboss Feeder WE_0804

8mm * 4mm  Emboss Feeder KWE_0804

8mm * 2mm  Paper Feeder  KWD_0802

8mm * 2mm  Emboss Feeder KWE_0802   

8mm * 2mm  Paper Feeder  WD_0802

8mm * 2mm  Paper Feeder  KWD_0802              

CP7 8mm    Feeder Tail

CP6,CP7   Small Feeder Tail

CP6        Big Feeder Tail

FUJI       Feeder Caets                    

2.CP6,CP7,CP8,XP142,XP143 Feeders:


12mm * 8mm  

12mm * 12mm     

16mm * 4mm 

16mm * 8mm    

16mm * 12mm

24mm * 8mm, 24mm*12mm, 24mm*16mm

32mm * 8mm,32mm*12mm,32mm*16mm,32mm*24mm;

3.IP3,QP242,QP341,QP351,XP241,XP242,XP243,XP341 FUJI Electric Feeder

12mm Electric Feeder KDE_1200

16mm Electric Feeder KDE_1600

24mm Electric Feeder KDE_2400   

32mm Electric Feeder KDE_3200

44mm Electric Feeder KDE_4400

56mm Electric Feeder KDE_5600

72mm Electric Feeder KDE_7200   

88mm Electric Feeder KDE_8800

8mm Paper&Emboss Feeder       

4 .IP3,QP2,QP3,XP2 Pneumatic Feeder(original used and new)

8mm  Paper feeder  BFD_0804  

8mm  Emboss Feeder BFE_0804

12mm Emboss Feeder BFE_1200    

16mm Emboss Feeder BFE_1600

24mm Emboss Feeder BFE_2400   

32mm Emboss Feeder BFE_3200

44mm Emboss Feeder BFE_4400     

56mm Emboss Feeder BFE_5600

5.IP3,QP242,QP341,XP241,XP242,XP243 HOVER DAVIS New Type-QPF Electric Feeder:

8mm  Electric Feeder QPF2           

12mm Electric Feeder QPF2

16mm Electric Feeder QPF2        

24mm Electric Feeder QPF2

32mm Electric Feeder QPF2          

44mm Electric Feeder QPF2

56mm Electric Feeder QPF2         

72mm Electric Feeder QPF2

6.IP3,QP242 HOVER DAVIS Old Type-MPF Electric Feeder

12mm Electric Feeder MPF

16mm Electric Feeder MPF      

24mm Electric Feeder MPF

32mm Electric Feeder MPF          

44mm Electric Feeder MPF

56mm Electric Feeder MPF          

72mm Electric Feeder MPF

7 . IP3,QP242,QP341,XP243 original and copy stcik feeder

if you need, please advise us your P/N,thanks in advance.

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SMT spare parts, (including feeder ,Nozzle,PCB board,feeder parts,motor,laser,feeder bank,feeder calibration jig ,ect) for Fuji, Hitachi, Juki, Panasonic(KME), Assembleon(Phillips), Sanyo, SIPLACE(SIEMENS), Universal and Yamaha.

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