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Juki ATF E1001706ABO AF05HP feeder

Juki ATF E1001706ABO AF05HP feeder

Juki ATF E1001706ABO AF05HP feeder


Juki ATF E1001706ABO AF05HP feeder

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ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

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JUKI ATF E1001706ABO AF05HP feeder

Large supply of JUKI ATF models FEEDER AF8X2 AF05HP AF8X4 AF081E; CTF models FFEDER CF8X2 CF05HP; original Jiucheng new production in 2011. Price.

Professional maintenance JUKI laser, board, motor, JUKI accessories supply. Professional maintenance juki laser (juki KE730 KE740 KE750 KE760 KE2010 KE2020 KE2030 KE2050 KE2060 FX-1 KE2070 KE2080 KE1070 FX-3 JX-100) SAMSUNG laser, YAMAHA laser, , PHILIPS laser, the United States CYBEROPTICS original accessories, many years of experience in technology is mature, high repair rate, laser repair completely consistent with the new life. Warranty for one year, integrity first.
Professional repair juki and other Mounter various boards, SERVO DRIVER, servo motor, (CPU motherboard, SUB-CPU motherboard, MCM card, laser card, IMG card, AC / DC DRIVER, X / Y / Z / T axis Driver, power card, head board, image control card, I / O board / XMP board, etc.), juki placement machine debugging installation, maintenance. SMT juki accessories supply.

JUKI laser (KE730 / 740/750/760/2010/2020/2030/2040/2050/2060/2070/2080/1070 / KJ-01 / KJ- 02 // FX- 1 / FX- 2 / FX- 3 / YAMAHA laser, SAMSUNG laser, TENRYU laser, PHILIPS (ASSEMBLEON) FCM PPU laser, Autotronik laser, DEK camera etc. CYBEROPTICS LASER models include: 6604033, 6604035, 6604054, 6604061, 6601062, 6604096, 8004017, 8005674, 8006268, 8007810, 8008000, 8010518, 8010519, 8010398, LAM-10-1, LAM-35-1, LAM-35-22 and the like. CYBEROPTICS CBA40 CAMERA / DEK Camera (GRAPHITE / GREEN / GOLD / HAWKEYE) includes: 190408/191010/191011/191012/191013/191014/191640/191641/191643/191644/198040/198041/198043/198044 etc. Model: 8008629, 8008630, 8008633, 8008634, 8012979, 8012980, 8012982, 8012983, etc. CYBEROPTICS laser control card: KG7-M4547-100, 6604067, 6604071, 6604083, 6604099, 8000289, 8005171, 8007156, 8010494 etc.

juki and various servo motor professional maintenance:
For JUKI motor original new spot:
JUKI KE2050 2060 z Motor TS4633N2026E602 48V 40W Original Brand New; P / N E9629729000
JUKI KE2010 2020 2030 Z Motor TS4633N2020E600 48V 30W Original Brand New; P / N E9629729000
JUKI KE2070 2080 FX-3 Z Motor MITSUBISHI HC-BH0336LW4-S1 / S4 P / N 40044534
JUKI KE2070 2080 FX-3 T Motor MITSUBISHI HC-BP0136D-S1 P / N 40044533
JUKI KE730 / 740 ZT motor;

Professional maintenance JUKI and other SMT Mounter various servo motors, X / Y / Z / T servo motors, such as SANYO, TAMAGAWA, MITSUBSHI, YASKAWA, PANASONIC Brand servo motor. Years of experience, maintenance testing equipment advanced, mature technology, short maintenance cycle, high repair rate, price concessions. To save the cost of equipment maintenance parts.
JUKI servo motor repair models are:

L402-021EL0 JUKI730 / 740T shaft motor
L404-151EL8 JUKI730 / 740Z-axis motor
L406-011EL8 L404-011E17 JUKI710 Z motor
L404-151EL8 JUKI 730/740 Z-axis motor
P50B03003PXS22 JUKI750 / 760 Z-axis motor
TS4513N1820E200 JUKI750 / 760 X-axis motor
TS4514N1827E200 JUKI750 / 760 Y-axis motor
TS4632N2020E600 JUKI2010 T-axis motor
TS4633N2020E600 JUKI2010 Z axis motor
TS4509N2821E200 JUKI2010 X-axis motor
TS4515N2821E201 JUKI2010 Y-axis motor
TS4501N1827E600 JUKI2020 right-hand Z-axis motor
TS4513N2821E200 JUKI2030 X-axis motor
TS4516N2821E200 JUKI2030 Y-axis motor
TS4631N2022E600 JUKI2050 / 2060T shaft motor
TS4633N2026E602 JUKI2050 / 2060Z-axis motor
TS4603N1320E601 JUKI2060 right Z axis motor
TS4601N1620E600 JUKI2060 right T-axis motor
TS4613N1020E200 JUKI2050 / 2060X shaft motor
TS4616N1020E200 JUKI2050 / 2060Y-axis motor
HC-BP0136D-S1 JUKI2070 / 2080T shaft motor
HC-BH0336LW4-S1 JUKI2070 / 2080Z-axis motor
HF-KP73D-S1 JUKI2070 / 2080X-axis motor
HC-RP153D-S2 JUKI2070 / 2080Y-axis motor
HC-BH0136L-S14 JUKIFX-1 / FX-1R T-axis motor
HC-BH0336L-S14 JUKIFX-1 / FX-1R Z-axis motor
HC-MFS73 (-S33) JUKIFX-1 / FX-1R YA motor
TS4513N2820E200 JUKI1700 motor
TS4509N2820E200 JUKI1700 motor
TS4509N6022E200 JUKI1700 motor
TS4501N1020E100 JUKI1700 motor
HC-KFS73-S3 JUKI1710 motor
HC-KFS43 JUKI1710 motor
HC-KFS73B-S3 JUKI1710 motor
HC-KQ13BL-S21 JUKI1710 motor
TS4509N1023E200 JUKI775 motor
TS4503N1023E100 JUKI775 motor
TS4509N1021E100 MTC-TS4SN motor
TS4509N6021E100 MTC-TS5SN motor


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