Sony BF60400 nozzle

Sony BF60400 nozzle

Sony BF60400 nozzle


Sony BF60400 nozzle

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SONY BF60400 nozzle


SMT Equipment

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Reliable Electronics Co.,Ltd

Sony nozzle for sales instore :


BF0090L A-1337-448-A NOZZLE

BF1305R A-1337-436-A  NOZZLE

BF1305R A-1337-436-A  NOZZLE

BF4025G A-1675-613-A NOZZLE

BF4030L A-1366-176-A  NOZZLE

BF6020G A-1337-459-A NOZZLE

BF6040L A-1337-445-A NOZZLE

BF10071 A-1337-437-A NOZZLE

BF14100 A-1337-438-A NOZZLE

BF20150 A-1337-439-A NOZZLE

BF25200 A-1337-440-A NOZZLE

BF30250 A-1366-174-A NOZZLE

BF40300 A-1337-442-A NOZZLE

BF60400 A-1337-444-A NOZZLE

BFRE020 A-1337-451-A NOZZLE

BFRE23L A-1366-182-A NOZZLE

BFRE24L A-1366-185-A NOZZLE

BFRE060 A-1337-457-A NOZZLE

BFRE220 A-1366-178-A NOZZLE

BFRE230 A-1366-181-A NOZZLE

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Reliable Electronics Co.,Ltd have been engaged for many years in the line of SMT(Surface Mount Technology) spare parts selling,including various kinds of pick and place machine’s parts and Peripherals.

Shenzhen , China


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