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Fuji NXT8mm feeder part PB03FF1

Fuji NXT8mm feeder part PB03FF1

Fuji NXT8mm feeder part PB03FF1


Fuji NXT8mm feeder part PB03FF1

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Pick and Place/Feeders

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Our business circle:
* Supply original new and used SMT spare parts.
* Supply Copy new SMT spare parts.
* Supply SMT relate equipment.
* Supply SMT ancillary products and tools.
* Repair Service.
Skype: yokyhuang

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SMTPLAZA specialize in SMT PCB assembly equipmens spare parts/accessories for FUJI,JUKI,YAMAHA,SAMSUNG,SIEMENS SIPLACE, PANASONIC,and also for DEK,MPM printer spare parts and AI spare parts offering.

Shenzhen City (深圳市), China

Manufacturer, Other

  • Phone +86 15986644926


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(740) SMT parts, accessories & PCB supplies items

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