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Juki solenoid valve for pick and place VQD112U-5M-M5

Juki solenoid valve for pick and place VQD112U-5M-M5

Juki solenoid valve for pick and place VQD112U-5M-M5


Juki solenoid valve for pick and place VQD112U-5M-M5

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Air / Vaccuum

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KingFei SMT Tech

We also supply other smt samsung pick and place machine spare parts
1. Samsung equipment
CP series CP40. CP45.CP45NEO. CP60 CP63
SM series of SM310.SM320, SM321, SM421, SM411, SM431, SM471, SM481, SM482, DECAN
2. Samsung Feeder
CP Series: CP8MM-CP88MM
SMN Series: SMN8MM (SM8 * 2 and SM8 * 4) - SMN88MM
SME series: SME8-SME88 universal machine configuration and IC tray IC cabinet vibration towers
3. nozzle
TN nozzle model TN030 TN040 TN065 TN140 TN220 TN400 TN750 TN1100
CN nozzle type CN020 CN030 CN040 CN040 CN140 CN220 CN400 CN400N CN750 CN1100
Shaped nozzle, special nozzle, can also be customized according to customer needs
4. Solenoid valve
SM head solenoid valve HP14-900037 VAOIPEP34B-1U
SM head solenoid valve HP14-000250 / J6702048A VAOIPEP34B-1U
MAC new SM head solenoid valve HP14-000163 VALVE, SOLENOID-MAC
SM head vacuum solenoid valve VQD1151W-5LO
CP45 head solenoid valve J6719038A SY3140R-5LOU
SM Vacuum Generator Solenoid Valve J6702021A HP14900026 K180-4E1-21-DC24V
SM Vacuum head solenoid valve VAOIPEP34A-1U HP14-000250
HP14-900072 SOLENOID_VALVE_DV3120 J67022067A
5. Maintenance oil
Rail maintenance oil, THK, tri-flow (nozzle maintenance oil), WO-520 (nozzle cleaning agent), white oil, high temperature chain oil
6. Samsung placement machine he used accessories: Samsung CP45 teaching box, Feida cylinder, signal lines and so on. CP45 / CP40 tank chain, CP45MARK3 board, flight camera,
Fixed camera, head solenoid valve. Filter, filter cotton, CP45 feeder cylinder. Conveyor belt, vacuum solenoid valve, safety door support rod, reflective lens, fiber optic cable, spiral tube, edge light cylinder, baffle cylinder, Maintenance of special oil (NSK AS2.PS2.EP2), a variety of belts and O-ring, Feida placed cars, feeder accessories: pressure cover, reel, inner cover, cover, beak, spring, Pin, etc.

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