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Fuji NXT Bibasic 32MM FEEDER W32C

Fuji NXT Bibasic 32MM FEEDER W32C

Fuji NXT Bibasic 32MM FEEDER W32C


Fuji NXT Bibasic 32MM FEEDER W32C

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Pick and Place/Feeders





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KingFei SMT Tech

1 Fuji W08 8mm     FEEDER   NXT
2 Fuji W12 12mm   FEEDER   NXT
3 Fuji W16 16mm   FEEDER   NXT
4 Fuji W24 24mm   FEEDER   NXT     
5 Fuji W32 32mm   FEEDER   NXT
6 Fuji W44 44mm   FEEDER   NXT
7 Fuji W56 56mm   FEEDER   NXT
8 Fuji W72 72mm   FEEDER   NXT
9 Fuji W88 88mm   FEEDER   NXT
10 Fuji W08C 8mm     FEEDER   NXT
11 Fuji W12C 12mm   FEEDER   NXT
12 Fuji W16C 16mm   FEEDER   NXT
13 Fuji W24C 24mm   FEEDER   NXT
14 Fuji W32C 32mm   FEEDER   NXT
15 Fuji W44C 44mm   FEEDER   NXT
16 Fuji W56C 56mm   FEEDER   NXT
17 Fuji W72C 72mm   FEEDER   NXT
18 Fuji W88C 88mm   FEEDER   NXT
19 Fuji W08F 8mm      FEEDER   NXT
20 Fuji W12F 12mm    FEEDER   NXT
21 Fuji W16F 16mm    FEEDER   NXT
22 Fuji W24F 24mm    FEEDER   NXT
23 Fuji W32F 32mm    FEEDER   NXT
24 Fuji W44F 44mm    FEEDER   NXT
25 Fuji W56F 56mm    FEEDER   NXT
26 Fuji W72F 72mm    FEEDER   NXT
27 Fuji W88F 88mm    FEEDER   NXT

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KingFei SMT Tech

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Shenzhen, China

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