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Beau Tech 1 Milprobe

Beau Tech 1 Milprobe

Beau Tech 1 Milprobe


Beau Tech 1 Milprobe

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Ghowr, USA

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Beau Tech

The RocHard 1 MilProbe is a 0.3" long Micro-tip in a 4 3/8" long hex shape stainless steel handle. The Micro-tip is tapered to a one mil diameter tip for TAB, BGA, and other ultra fine pitch rework. The tip is either straight (SH-341) or 50? angled at 5 mil from the point (SH-316). The different tip geometry allows the tips to reach between all curcuit leads and traces under a microscope.

Available Models

SH-316 (50? Angled)

SH-341 (Straight)

SH-322 (Kit including both SH-316 and SH-341)

Company Information:

A US manufacturer of quality hand tools for those engaged in the repair, rework, R & D, testing, and assembly of electronic components and printed circuit boards from Through Hole to 2Mil Pitch Surface Mount.

Portland, Maine, USA


  • Phone 1-207-775-6139

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