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chimall Temperature Curve

chimall Temperature Curve

chimall Temperature Curve


chimall Temperature Curve


General Purpose Equipment

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1. Efficiency, collect data continuously for 16 times and forward to computer to analysis grouping;
2. It is available base on PC (WINDOWS) and PDA(Pocket) to analyze;
3. Low power, use lithium battery that can keep 60hours above, it is available to quick charge 10 minutes.
4. Multi-storey insulation protecting, It is made from stainless steel. Use well in serious lead free processing and against vile industry environment;
5. Small volume, large capability(115,200 points),FLASH memory chip?it does not lost the data whatever happened;


1. It is concise and convenience from operation, all data uses database to manage, use guide to guide technics process to analyze;
2. Software is with simplified Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese version;
3. High temperature protecting?The test function will be not available automatically once inner temperature over 70?,will power off automatically once over 80?;
4. Sampling frequency configuration?0.1s?30Min);
5. Measurement precision with tolerance +/-1?, (0??450?),both of running method is available with switch and temperature touching;
6. Intelligentized control, Indication light as hint in any case ?as lower power, charging, download data, clear data, memory full, high temperature warning, parameter re-set, etc);


1. Ram Chip 115,200 points, collect data for 16 times continuously
2. Test Channel 6
3. Exchange rate 0.1S~30M?Set by software automatically?
4. Accurancy +/-1??whole scale?
5. Max inner temperature 70?
6. Testing temperature range 0?~450?
7. Rated volt 3.7--4.2VDC
8. Dimension 133 x 60 x 20mm
9. Thermcouple type K type
10. Starting method On/off switch,when temperature meet seted basic temperature, it will start to work.
11. Software language English
12. It can test 16 profiles continuously, and then download to computer in one time.


? Name Quantity ? Name Quantity ?
1 Package Box 1 6 K thermcouple 6
2 Analyzer 1 7 Charger 1
3 Analyzer Container 1 8 High-temp Glove 1
4 User Manual 1 9 High-temp Sticker 1
5 Data Wires 1 ? 10 Software 1

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