SMT Feeder spare parts

SMT Feeder spare parts

SMT Feeder spare parts


SMT Feeder spare parts


Pick and Place/Feeders

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FUJINTAI Technology Co.,Ltd


1.Feeder various accessories, such as TapeGuide,Link,Wheel,Reel,Spring, etc.;

2.Various types of Nozzle,Filter,Cutter;

3. Various types of Belt,Syring,Lamp,Camera Lamp;

4. In charge of putting and supporting the glassware , flying and reaching and correcting peripheral apparatus such as the appearance

5. Each kind of supplementary material: Meets the material belt, the adhesive tape, Metal Blande;

6. Various Nozzles;

7. Other each kind of SMT parts. May make to order .

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FUJINTAI Technology Co.,Ltd

*Supply & Repair original JUKI spare parts. *Supply new and used original SMT feeders. *Supply copy SMT feeders and spare parts. *Supply SMT related equipment etc. *New and used SMT equipment&parts

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