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Other SMT-2010

Other SMT-2010


Other SMT-2010


Soldering - Reflow

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Canillo, USA

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This is a brand new, SMT2010 Reflow oven. More and more surface mount devices (SMD) are used on electronic circuit boards. Large floor model reflow ovens are expensive and heavy, not suitable for prototype development and small production. SMT2010 is specially developed to suit this market.

Features/ Specification:

• Full automatic fuzzy logic temperature control.

• Back light LCD display.

• Can be used for any surface mount components.

• Can also be used for two sides PCB boards.

• Lead-free reflow ready.

• Great for repair preheating.

• Meets IPC standard.

• Temperature to 250°C.

• Working area: 400mmx350mmX30mm.

• External measurement: 600mm(w) x450mm (d) x500mm (h).

• Working cycle 5 minutes per board.

• Manual draw.

• Built in automatic air cool.

• One profile stored in EPROM.

• No programming necessary, no computer interface.

• No datalog.

• 3.5KW power, 220V.

• Weight: 32Kg without the packing material.

Opertational Notes:

* It is very important to keep in mind that the displayed temperature is the sensor temperature. It may differ significantly from the PCB board temperature if the sensor is not placed properly. Also, if the oven model is with a sensor hanging above the PCB board, the displayed temperature is the air temperature.

* The optimum reflow starting temperature is at 80°C to 90°C. If the starting temperature is much lower than 80°C, the front draw can be opened to stop the current process when the temperature reaches 90°C, and start it again immediately at that temperature.

* Let the reflow oven cool down for 30 minutes after four hours of continues working.

* Check the heat tubes inside the reflow oven at least once a year, or as necessary. The back panel needs to be opened to do this.

* PCB board size: It is recommended to place extremely small boards(like 1"x1" or smaller) on a big unused PCB board or aluminum foil to increase heat absorption. Very large PCB board may also need to increase temperatures and time.

* PCB board layers: the more the board layers, the higher the temperatures should be.

* For the same batch of boards, if some are finished fine and some not, the profile temperatures or time are not enough. Adjust them higher or longer.

* It is recommended to increase or decrease the preheat or reflow temperatures by 5°C every adjustment.

* For double side board, first cook one side, then the other. No need to use glue.

* There are a total of eight RI heating tubes inside the reflow oven. Sometimes they may get damaged during shipping or burnt out. The IR tubes can be viewed and accessed by opening the back panel. The reflow oven will not have enough heat if bad tubes not replaced. It is recommended to check them after you receive the reflow oven and start using it. It is necessary to check them at least once a year.

Packing List:

* SMD-2010 Reflow Oven

* Operational manual/ software

* RS-232 Computer interface cable

Company Information:

Established in 2009, the Omxie Corp. is headquartered in California, with several offices worldwide. Our primary focus is in the development, manufacturing and marketing of SMT tools and equipment for

Chino, California, USA


  • Phone 909-393-8700
  • Fax 951-582-9422

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