Fuji Fuji Feeder spare parts


Fuji Fuji Feeder spare parts

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Pick and Place/Feeders

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ShenZhen SiMTai Electronics CO.,Ltd.

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Part Name:LINK LEVER(CP6 16*8连杆) PART No:AWCC3502

Part Name:HOLDER, REEL PART No:PJ02157

Part Name:RETAINER (NXT-2 压料盖) PART No:

Part Name:IP3 REEL (带轴承卷带轮) [8mm,12mm,16mm] PART No:ABFCA3504

Part Name:BKT, SLIDE PART No:PH01422

Part Name:SLIDER ( 短 ) PART No:PM63923

Part Name:NXT尾板(REEL HOLDER W04b 7inch) PART No:AA7ZM02

Part Name:LINK (CP6 16*8小连杆) PART No:WCC0140

Part Name:SLIDER PART No:PH01434

Part Name:ROLLER PART No:PH01670

Part Name:FEEDER电源线母座 PART No:K5051H

Part Name:LEVER(CP6 16*8压杆) PART No:AWCC3901

Part Name:ARM PART No:PH01412

Part Name:REEL CAP (外盖) PART No:MCA0833

Part Name:REEL PART No:WCA0713

Part Name:FUJI CP6 12MM 1.8压料盖 ( AMCB4303 12MM) PART No:AMCB4303

Part Name:CLAMPER 8mm/12mm (固定扣钢丝绳) PART No:AA19N05, PZ43291

Part Name:GUIDE, TAPE (NXT 12MM压料盖) PART No:PB22254

Part Name:LINK (AKJAD6053) W8×P2 PART No:AKJAD6053

Part Name:TAPE GUIDE 0.35 (压料盖) PART No:PP02295

Part Name:LIFTER压料盖下面导带料槽 PART No:PM08YN0

Part Name:GUIDE, TAPE (NXT 16MM压料盖) PART No:PB22264

Part Name:FEEDER电源线母座 PCB PART No:FH1255

Part Name:RETAINER (0.25 压料盖) PART No:

Part Name:BKT, HOLDER尾巴塑胶 PART No:PJ02143

Part Name:GUIDE, TAPE (NXT 24MM压料盖) PART No:PB22275

Part Name:RETAINER 0.25E (压料盖) PART No:PB19524

Part Name:PIN ( PM05914 ) PART No:PM05914

Part Name:GUIDE, TAPE (NXT 32MM压料盖) PART No:AA1TN08

Part Name:GUIDE, TAPE (NXT 44MM压料盖) PART No:AA1TR08

Part Name:BKT, ROLLER ( 32MM ) PART No:AA84548

Part Name:IP2 卷带轮 (12mm~72mm REEL) PART No:

Part Name:BKT, ROLLER ( 12MM ) PART No:AA0CA05


Part Name:CP7 TAPE GIIDE (KJAC0192 0.7 8X2) PART No:KJAC0192 0.7

Part Name:FUJI IP3/QP 10.0压料盖 (24mm) PART No:ABFCD3403

Part Name:BKT, ROLLER ( 16MM ) PART No:AA0CB05

Part Name:FUJI IP2 LEVER(铁鸟嘴) PART No:

Part Name:PIN (8mm) PART No:GPC0662

Part Name:FUJI IP3/QP W32压料盖(P8,12,P8X2,P12X2) PART No:ABFCF3301

Part Name:BKT, ROLLER ( 24MM ) PART No:AA0CC05

Part Name:CP3/IP2卷带轮 (REEL8MM) PART No:

Part Name:TAPE GUIDE PIN (压料盖梢) PART No:MCA0222

Part Name:FUJI IP3/QP W44压料盖(P8,12,P8X2,P12X2) PART No:ABFCG3201

Part Name:FUJI IP3/QP W56压料盖(W56XP32,P36,P40,P48) PART No:ABFCH3307

Part Name:REEL,SET(16mm,CP6CP7) 带单向轴承卷带轮 PART No:WCC0430


Part Name:FUJI CP3/CP4 1.3压料盖 PART No: PART No:ALPC8041 C13,ALPC-80

Part Name:PLUG & TUBE (连接气管) PART No:H3126H

Part Name:REEL,SET(12mm,CP6CP7) 带单向轴承卷带轮 PART No:WCB0483,WCB0480

Part Name:IP3外盖 12mm~72mm REEL COVER) PART No:

Part Name:REEL 卷带轮内盖 (CP43CP6CP7XP) PART No:WCA0710

Part Name:LEVER,CLAMP (固定钩) PART No:GPC7012,MCA0191

Part Name:QP电动FEEDER W12压料盖 PART No:KDBC0133

Part Name:QP电动FEEDER W16压料盖 PART No:KDCC0043

Part Name:FUJI IP3/QP 4.0压料盖 (16mm) PART No:ABFCC3301

Part Name:QP(电动FEEDER) W24外盖 PART No:AKDDC6560

Part Name:QP(电动FEEDER) W72外盖 PART No:

Part Name:QP(电动FEEDER) W24压料盖 PART No:KDDC0043

Part Name:FUJI IP3/QP 2.5压料盖 (12mm) PART No:ABFCB3108

Part Name:QP(电动FEEDER) W32外盖 PART No:AKDFC6520

Part Name:QP(电动FEEDER) W32压料盖 PART No:KDFC0041

Part Name:QP(电动FEEDER) W16外盖 PART No:AKDCC6670

Part Name:QP(电动FEEDER) W56外盖 PART No:AKDHC6610

Part Name:QP(电动) 压料盖保险扣 12MM PART No:KDBC0580

Part Name:REEL,SET (8mm,CP43) 带单向轴承卷带轮 PART No:MCA0601

Part Name:CP6 8X4 STOPPER (卡钩) PART No:MCA0051

Part Name:SPACER / CIR-CLIP,E-TAPE (卡簧/铜片) PART No:MCA0141

Part Name:UP ROLLER (8mm) PART No:AJAC0651

Part Name:FUJI CP3/CP4 ?1.0压料盖 PART No:ALPC8032 C10,ALPC-80

Part Name:CP6 8X2 STOPPER (卡钩) PART No:MCA0570

Part Name:CP7前保险扣 PART No:KJAC0102

Part Name:CP6 8X2 SPROCKET(齿轮) PART No:AMCA4902

Part Name:RETAINER (CP6/CP7压料盖保险扣) PART No:KJAC0091

Part Name:CP6 LINK (8X4,1204) PART No:WCA0030

Part Name:ROLLER (8mm) PART No:LPC0381,LPC-0381

Part Name:CP6 8X4 SPROCKET PART No:MCA0733

Part Name:BRACKET (CP6 8X4 面板) PART No:WCA0025

Part Name:PIN (8mm挂料柱) PART No:MCA0360,MCA-0360

Part Name:CP7 PIN PART No:KJAC0240

Part Name:Holder Reel (小尾巴) PART No:WCA-0253

Part Name:LINK (AWCC3600) W16×P12 PART No:AWCC3600

Part Name:FUJI CP6 0.7压料盖 (MCA0538 8X2) PART No:MCA0538

Part Name:Tape guide AMCC3108 PART No:AMCC3106

Part Name:CP7 0.4压料盖 KJPC0020 PART No:KJPC0020

Part Name:LINK (AWCB3200) W12×P08 PART No:AWCB3200,AWCB3205

Part Name:TAPE GUIDE 1.0 (8X4压料盖) PART No:AMCA4200

Part Name:FUJI CP6 5.0压料盖 (AWCD4202 24mm) PART No:AWCD4201

Part Name:CP7 TAPE GIIDE (KJAC1110 0.7 8X2) PART No:KJAC1110 0.7

Part Name:LINK (AWCA3900) W8×P2 PART No:AWCA3900,AWCA3905

Part Name:FUJI CP61.3压料盖 (AMCA4301 8X4) PART No:AMCA4300

Part Name:CP7 TAPE GIIDE (AKJAC1280 0.7 8X2) PART No:AKJAC1280 0.7

Part Name:FUJI CP6压料盖 (AWCA5002 8X4) PART No:AWCA5000

Part Name:LINK (AWCA3900) W8×P4 PART No:AWCA3801

Part Name:CP7 TAPE GIIDE (AKJAC9060 0.7 8X2) PART No:AKJAC9060 0.7

Part Name:FUJI CP6 ( AWCA5102 8X4) PART No:AWCA5100

Part Name:Tape guide AMCB3403 PART No:AMCB3403

Part Name:CP7 TAPE GIIDE (AKJAC9030 1.0 8X4) PART No:AKJAC9030 1.0

Part Name:CP7 TAPE GIIDE (AKJAC9080 1.0-1.8 8X4) PART No:AKJAC9080 1.0-1.8

Part Name:CP7 TAPE GIIDE (AKJAC9090 1.0-1.8 8X4) PART No:AKJAC9090 1.0-1.8

Part Name:Tape guide (1.3-3.7) AKJBC7040 PART No:AKJBC7040

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