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Sanyo 8x2 8x4 12 16 24mm feeder


Sanyo 8x2 8x4 12 16 24mm feeder


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Goldland Electronic Technology Company Limited


Hello Sir,

There are TCM3000 HSP4796 feeders available,please let us know if you need.

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TCM3000/HSP4796 CT0851L 8X4mmfeeder PAPER 4pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT0852L 8X4mmfeeder Embossed 6pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT0860L 8X2mmfeeder PAPER 3pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT0861L 8X4mm PAPER feeder 35pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT0862L 8X4mm Embossed feeder 18pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT0880S 8X2mm PAPER feeder 5pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT0881L 8X4mm PAPER feeder 49pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT0882L 8X4mm Embossed feeder 34pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT0886L 8X2mm PAPER feeder 0pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT0890L 8X2mm PAPER feeder 18pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT0891L 8X4mm PAPER feeder 48pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT0892L 8X4mm Embossed feeder 34pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT0896L 8X2mm PAPER feeder 57pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT0897L 8X2mm PAPER feeder 2pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT0898L 8X4mm PAPER feeder 157pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT1252L 12X12mm Embossed feeder 1pc

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT1260L 12X4mm Embossed feeder 0 pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT1261L 12X8mm Embossed feeder 1pc

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT1280L 12X4mm Embossed feeder 0pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT1281L 12X8mm Embossed feeder 13pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT1290L 12X4mm Embossed feeder 0pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT1291L 12X8mm Embossed feeder 31pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT1292L 12X12mm Embossed feeeder 0pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT1650L 16X8mm Embossed feeder 3pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT1660L 16X8mm Embossed feeder 17pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT1680L 16X8mm Embossed feeder 45pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT1690L 16X8mm Embossed feeder 43pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT2460L 24mm Embossed feeder 13pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT2480L 24X12 mm Embossed feeder 9pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT2490L 24X12 mm Embossed feeder 43pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT3260L 32mm Embossed feeder 2pcs

TCM3000/HSP4796 CT3290L 32mm Embossed feeder 10pcs


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Goldland Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a wholesaler of SMT machine and spare parts. We provide FUJI PANASONIC SIPLACE YAMAHA JUKI SAMSUNG SMT pick and place machine and spare parts. We always have large stocks of these device.

ShenZhen, China

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