Hitachi Stencil wiper Rolls


Hitachi Stencil wiper Rolls


Pick and Place/Feeders

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ZK Electronic Technology Co,.Ltd

            Model                  Printing machine                       diameter     package

360mm*360mm*8m CP-03 PAN                                38mm             20 

360mm*360mm*12m CP-02 PAN                              38mm             20 

360mm*360mm*36m CP-02 PAN                               38mm           20 

410mm*410mm*28m CP-03 PAN                               38mm           20 

410mm*410mm*36m CP-02 PAN                               38mm           20 

185mm*185mm*28m CP-03 KME                               38mm          20 

270mm*270mm*25m CP-02 KME                                38mm         20 

270mm*270mm*28m CP-03 KME                              38mm            20 

350mm*350mm*28m CP-03 KME                              38mm           20 

350mm*350mm*30m CP-02 KME                              38mm           20 

480mm*480mm*18m CP-03 KME                              38mm           20 

280mm*280mm*8m CP-02 HITACHI                        38mm            20 

280mm*280mm*8m CP-03 HITACHI                         38mm          20 

280mm*280mm*22m CP-03 HITACHI                      38mm          20 

480mm*480mm*8m CP-02 HITACHI                        38mm          20 

457mm*457mm*10m CP-02 JUKI                            19.5mm        20 

260mm*280mm*17m CP-03 SONY                          19.5mm        20 

330mm*360mm*17m CP-02 古 河                           13mm           20 

360mm*360mm*12m CP-02 YAMAHA                     25.4mm          20 

420mm*420mm*40m CP-02 YAMAHA                    25.4mm          20 

270mm*290mm*6m MINAMI                                        8mm                20 

350mm*370mm*6m MINAMI                                         8mm              20


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ZK Electronic Technology Co,.Ltd

long-term supply of a large number of JUKI,PANASONIC,SAMSUNG,FUJI,YAMAHA original accessories : feeder,nozzle, O-RING, valve, filter, belt,vacuum sensor board assy , sensors, original XY towline,shaft

shenzhen , China

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