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Agilent Full-automatic BGA Ball Mounti

Agilent Full-automatic BGA Ball Mounti

Agilent Full-automatic BGA Ball Mounti


Agilent Full-automatic BGA Ball Mounti



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main features

The full-automatic BGA Ball Mounting machine PG-FA6800 is composed of IPC control system, high-speed 12 axis motion control system, high definition Vision inspection system, convenient operation system, and automatic orientation control technology,precise temperature control system and superior protection system. With intelligent high-accuracy modular, it can reball all kinds of bga chip sets.

1、It can sort,suck and place 0.3mm,0.35 mm,0.4 mm,0.45 mm, 0.5 mm,0.55 mm,0.6 mm, 0.65 mm and 0.76 mm balls automatically, and there is no need stencils. It can avoid the balls from dropping and wasting.

2、 It is suitable for 10mm~48mm rhombus, 0.5mm~5mm thickness lead and lead-free bga chip sets.the machine can position and identify the size and thickness of the bga chip sets automatically.

3、According to the size of the BGA chip sets and balls, no matter lead or lead-free, the machine can adjust the solder paste extrusion automatically ;it can export the solder paste according to the bga chip sets’pad automatically.there is no need to painting solder flux on the bga chip sets, to avoid the stencils from cleaning and changing.

4、 There are two manipulators of the machine, it can rotate 360° . it is of planishing, sucking and unloading can adjust automatically according to the desired position.

5、With high definition Vision inspection system, and 15〞LCD, the precision of the mount positioning is within ±0.025mm.

6、It works in the totally-enclosed environment, if the machine is out of control, then it will stop working automatically(including the front part),it will not affect the following will go on working after check out the problem. It can protect the components,the machine and the bga chip sets from damage at any abnormal situation。

7、It is of easy and convenient operation, high automatic, high speed, high precision, the time for reballing is : ≤±0.3 s/balls, the precision is ≤±0.025mm; it can cost down and keep precision.

8、After reballing,the manipulators will pick up the bga chip sets to the heater for heating, Homoiothermy, and cooling. Then it will put the the bga chip sets in the machine box.


◆Power supply: AC220V±10% 50/60Hz

◆Heating power: 300 W

◆ Electrical materials:Advantech IPC+ 15”LCD+12 axis motion control system+ Panasonic

servo motor

◆ Temperature control: K-type thermocouple (Close-Loop control)

◆ motion control: computer operation and 12 axis motion control system move automatically

◆ Positioning: Visual automatic identification

◆ Ball diameter:0.3mm ~ 0.76mm

◆ BGA chip: thickness: 0.5mm ~ 5mm size 10mm*10mm ~ 48mm*48mm

◆ Dimensions:L1000*W750*H1500mm

◆ Weight: 180kg

◆ Color: Blue+white

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