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Reflow soldering, the most common method of attaching surface mount components to a circuit board, plays a critical role in the overall electronics assembly process. Successful reflow soldering depends on knowledge of the reflow process setup, requirements for fixturing and tooling, baseline process parameters and their influence on solder joint quality, and troubleshooting common process defects.

Professor Martin Anselm, Ph.D. from Rochester Institute of Technology will guide you through this informative online course providing a basic understanding of the reflow soldering process.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course will be useful for companies who want to train their equipment operators and technicians who want to understand more about the overall process and who have a basic familiarity with the equipment referenced in each section.

Topics Covered

  • SMT Process Overview
  • Solder Reflow Defects Examples
  • Factors Affecting Reflow Soldering
  • Key Aspects to Successful Reflow Soldering:
       - Solder Paste Materials
       - Substrates and Surface Finishes
       - Components and Moisture Sensitivity
       - Board Fixturing and Support
       - Warpage
       - Reflow Profiling
       - Equipment
  • Solder Reflow Process Parameters
  • Keys to Successful Reflow Soldering
  • Post - Reflow Verification
  • Reflow Process Defects, Causes and Troubleshooting

After taking the online course, the trainee should be capable to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Understand basic process including fixturing and tooling
  • Understand baseline process parameters
  • Identify process defects
  • Perform defect troubleshooting

Note: some prior familiarity with the specific equipment is expected.

Course Length and Format

  • Approximately 90 minutes of recorded material
  • Content is sectioned into short video clips ranging from 11 to 23 minutes
  • You can download the 124 page PDF to follow along with the recordings
  • It will take you an estimated 1-3 hours (cumulative) to complete the course
  • A 16 question quiz will test your knowledge retention of the course material
  • A certificate of completion can be emailed to you once a satisfactory score is achieved on the quiz


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