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Pennsylvania, Philadelphia | Dec. 21, 2021


Manufacturing with Ball Grid Array (BGA) packages generally offers high, first-pass process yields. However, process errors do occur and there is the likelihood of a solder joint defect (insufficient solder, bridging, solder balling, etc.) under the BGA that will require the removal and replacement of the BGA component. If BGA rework requires the removal of the component, special considerations must be taken into account. For instance, excessive heat or improper removal techniques has the potential to cause damage to surrounding lands, other components, or the PCB itself. Rework requires sound practices, proper tools and quality training.

Course Content:

Introduction to BGAs - Upon the completion of the instruction, the learner will be able to correctly identify the different types of BGA components and the different assembly considerations that must be taken into account when using a specific type of BGA component.

BGA Rework Practices - Upon the completion of the instuction, the learner will be able to correctly perform rework procedures on assemblies with BGA components. Proper rework techniques covered will include the developement of a removal and replacement profile, component removal, PWB site preparation, solder paste application, component placement and component reattachmen

Who Should Attend

This course is geared towards manufacturing, process and quality engineers responsible for implementing and/or controlling the BGA application and inspection process. Those personnel responsible for training operators and technicians to perform BGA assembly inspection or control the manufacturing process would also benefit from this course.


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