IPC J-STD-001 Specialist (CIS) Certification Training Course


IPC J-STD-001 Specialist (CIS)

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To inquire about this course visit Eptac at:  https://www.eptac.com/class/j-std-001-specialist/

This program is for experienced solderers seeking an in depth knowledge of the J-STD-001 Document. The course reviews this document and helps students learn how to interpret the criteria. Open and closed book exams are required after each module. Hand Soldering skills need to be performed and pass inspection. Students must pass both exams and soldering in order to successfully complete this program.

This class is not designed to teach anyone how to solder. The focus is on the knowledge of the J-STD-001 criteria.

The program is divided into 5 one-day modules, each covering a different area of soldered electronics assemblies. Students may be trained in any combination of modules that includes module 1.

This course addresses all three classes of manufacturing in Wires and Terminals, Through-Hole and Surface Mount Technologies.



  • CO, AZ, MN | Blackfox Training Institute, LLC
  • MO, NH, OR, WA, CT, NY, CA, ON, PA, NS, FL, OH, IL | EPTAC Corporation
  • IL, MI | BEST IPC Training
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