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Temperature Profiling

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We like to keep one fully populated SMT golden per product (high volume) with t-couples soldered to it. We have best results using high temp. solder to attach t-couples (most permanent). 1) Remove all production solder from the part you are wanting

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PCB Libraries Forum : Method to Re-acquire License

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? Method to Re-acquire License : Hi, if you're on an older... Author: Nick BSubject: 1938Posted: 14 Sep 2016 at 2:33pmHi, if you're on an older version of the Library Expert, you should consider upgrading so you are on the most optimal/compatible version of the drivers

PCB Libraries, Inc.

Re-Establishment of IPC Certification Through Certification or Recertification

| https://www.eptac.com/blog/re-establishment-of-ipc-certification-through-certification-or-recertification

Re-Establishment of IPC Certification Through Certification or Recertification Looking for solder training standards, manuals, kits, and more

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