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Rommtech-3S is your partner for reliable and cost effective contract manufacturing!have more than 15 years experience in the production of electronic and electromechanical devices � security products, radiators; cash registers manufacturing; igniters

Advanced Assembly, LLC.

Industry Directory | Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs / Assembly / Contract Manufacturer / Service Provider

Advanced Assembly provides quality PCB assembly services for prototypes and low-quantity orders 87% faster than other shops.

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ALPHA® Soldering Alloys

ALPHA® Soldering Alloys

New Equipment | Solder Materials

ALPHA® wave solder and soldering bar metals (wave soldering alloys) offer best value soldering performance – quality solder bar metals products at the lowest cost of ownership, and thanks to a global copy exact product policy, consistency of wave sol

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

Wave Solder Flux - ALPHA� Flux

New Equipment |  

New ALPHA� Fluxes meet the challenges of both tin-lead and lead-free processes. ALPHA� EFSeries fluxes offer environmentally friendly benefits, while providing unmatched soldering performance. The ALPHA� flux line is unsurpassed in providing wave sol

Cookson Electronics

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Kits for lead free trial runs

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 21:35:58 EST 2005 | tsh36

Call Alpha Metals. They sell boards, stencil, components, and paste in a kit. They will also cross scetion your boards if you need them to.

Re: lead free dip or cream solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 19 09:58:14 EDT 1999 | John Thorup

| | | we've received an inquiry if lead free solder for solder dips or surface mounting (cream solder) is available on a technical scale | Dr. Weber I'm not sure what you mean by "on a technical scale" but various no lead alloys are available in

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ACE Kiss 104

ACE Kiss 104

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Selective

ACE KISS-104 Dual Pot Selective Solder System; Includes: (1) Lead Free & (1) Leaded Solder Pot; Vintage: Sept. 2008;; Nitrogen; Top Pre-heater; Setup & Witness Cameras, Manual, (3) Rolls of Alpha Metals Solder and Tool Kit

X-Line Asset Management

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ZESTRON to Host Collaborative Workshop “Assembly, Cleaning, Coating, and Reliability” in Argentina

Industry News | 2014-04-16 09:11:19.0

ZESTRON will be hosting an “Assembly, Cleaning, Coating, and Reliability” workshop together with Macon, Aqueous Technologies, Dow Corning, and Alpha in Argentina this May.

ZESTRON Americas

ZESTRON to Host Collaborative Workshop “Assembly Cleaning, Testing and Coating” at ACI Technologies

Industry News | 2013-03-11 17:29:35.0

ZESTRON, will be hosting an Assembly Cleaning, Testing and Coating Workshop together with Aqueous Technologies, Humiseal, and Alpha at ACI Technologies, 1 International Plaza, Suite 600, Philadelphia, PA, 19113, from 8:30 AM to 4:45 PM

ZESTRON Americas

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Effect of Alloy and Flux System on High Reliability Automotive Applications

Technical Library | 2017-01-05 16:55:11.0

The July 2006 implementation of ROHS exempted automotive applications from converting to lead free technology. Nine years later, all major OEM and Tier 1 automotive manufacturers have converted or are in the process of converting to lead free circuit assembly processing. Starting with SAC (SnAgCu) alloys as a baseline for lead free soldering, in the last years several specific alloys were developed in order to improve resistance to high temperature creep, vibration survival and the ability to withstand thermal cycling and thermal shock.The paper compares three different solder alloys and two flux chemistries in terms of void formation and mechanical / thermal fatigue properties. Void content and reliability data of the alloys will be presented and discussed in relation to the acceptance criteria of a Tier 1 /OEM automotive supplier. As a result, a ranking list will be presented considering the combined performance of the alloys. In order to analyze the void formation and mechanical behavior of different solder alloys and flux chemistry combinations, statistical methods are used.

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

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ALPHA® Preforms with solder paste adds solder volume.

ALPHA® Preforms with solder paste adds solder volume.


ALPHA® Preforms with solder paste adds solder volume.

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

ALPHA® XL-825 Cored Solder Wire

ALPHA® XL-825 Cored Solder Wire


ALPHA® Telecore XL-825 lead-free cored solder wire minimizes spattering in hand soldering operations, thus reducing circuit board contamination and enhancing worker safety and comfort.

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

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Bruce Barton August 2011

Career Center | Poplar Grove, Illinois | Engineering,Production,Quality Control,Technical Support

Please see resume.

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer with over 20 yrs experience

Career Center | Lakewood, California USA | Engineering,Maintenance,Management,Production

Quality conscience, detail oriented, manufacturing engineer, with a hands on approach to overall process improvement and development. Motivated with excellent communication skills and a dedicated team player. Qualifications include: � Safety /Diver

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A Review of Test Methods and Classifications for Halogen-Free Soldering Materials

A Review of Test Methods and Classifications for Halogen-Free Soldering Materials A Review of Test Methods and Classifications for Halogen-Free Soldering Materials Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the evaluation and use

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