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Smart Embedded Vision Off-the-shelf and Custom-made

Industry News | 2022-09-12 13:15:10.0

ARIES Embedded Serves Manifold Project Requirements with Flexible and Powerful FPGA- and CPU-based Modules

ARIES Embedded GmbH

ADLINK Brings ‘AI at the Edge’ with NVIDIA Technology Autonomous Mobile Robotics and Other Factory-of-the-Future and Smart City Technologies to Be Demoed at Embedded World 201

Industry News | 2018-02-25 08:08:37.0

ADLINK Technology is delivering ‘AI at the Edge’ solutions with NVIDIA technology. The combination of ADLINK embedded systems and connectivity solutions with NVIDIA’s AI and deep learning technologies is ideal for compute-intensive applications. This includes robotics, autonomous vehicles, healthcare and many other industries. This initiative is just one example of ADLINK’s ‘Leading EDGE COMPUTING’.

ADLINK Technology, Inc.


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