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SMTnet Express - March 31, 2016

SMTnet Express, March 31, 2016, Subscribers: 24,152, Companies: 14,760, Users: 39,935 EMI-Caused EOS Sources in Automated Equipment Vladimir Kraz; OnFILTER, Inc. Electrical overstress causes damage to sensitive components, including latent damage

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Laser Cutting

ORION Industries |

. Galvo based laser cutting is achieved by steering the laser beam with an array of mirrors that are moving at precise, high speeds. This often gives the impression of the parts simply appearing out of a small puff of smoke

ORION Industries

Laser Height Sensor User Guide

GPD Global |

: Do not stare into beam. CAUTION: Laser Aperture: Avoid exposure. Laser radiation is emitted from this aperture. Proper Use The displacement sensor OD Value is an opto-electronic sensor and is used for optical deter- mination of object distances without contact. Installation & Set Up NOTE

GPD Global

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