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Converting to automated selective soldering has never been easier...

Industry News | 2010-03-24 12:23:30.0

Converting from manual or semi-automatic to automated selective soldering has never been easier and more practical than with the new ESS Selective Soldering Machines from APS Novastar.

DDM Novastar Inc

esse & Knipps Introduces New Extreme Loop Former Bondhead for Heavy Wire Bonders to Support High Density Module Bonding

Industry News | 2012-09-04 08:51:32.0

Hesse & Knipps, Inc., ( has added the HBK08 Loop Former Bondhead to its BONDJET BJ935 and BONDJET BJ939 fully automatic heavy wire bonders to support growing requirements for high density module bonding.

Hesse Mechatronics


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