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Industry Directory | Repair / Rework

PCB Repairs of all kinds including-Solder on Tab (Solder Removal, Gold Plating), PTH & Delam repairs, etc.

Speeding Circuit (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Industry Directory | Manufacturer of Bare PCBs

2Layers - 18Layers ;HASL, OSP, Gold plating, immersion Gold/Silver/Tin, removable mask, gold-finger, carbon ink;Conact Person:Rene

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Small Part Tips

Small Part Tips

New Equipment | Hand Assembly

Virtual Industries offerings of small parts tips allows a person to easily handle parts as small as 100 microns (0.004"). There are nine different tip sizes for handling a variety of part sizes.  Small die can be picked up from the side, top or other

Virtual Industries, Inc.

Automatic solder paste printer GKg G9+

Automatic solder paste printer GKg G9+

New Equipment | Assembly Services

G9 + automatic vision printing machine is a new product for SMT high-end application field, which can perfectly meet the process requirements of 03015, 0.25pich and other fine spacing, high precision and high speed. Introduction to standard function

KingFei SMT Tech

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Why gold plating on PCB?

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 28 01:08:33 EST 2020 | sarason

Back in the 50's, 60's and 70's gold plated boards were all the rage for high reliability. test equipment, milspec etc. Nowadays only edge connectors are gold plated. Immersion plated gold is also used but it doesn't last the distance like gold plate

Why gold plating on PCB?

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 28 00:42:40 EST 2020 | luciano_zhang

What is the use of gold plated boards?

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Ekra X5

Ekra X5

Used SMT Equipment | Screen Printers

Ekra   Type model – X5 Serial-Number – X5 01089 Alignment Repeatability -  +12.5 µm@6sigma Printing speed -  9mm/sec to 200mm/sec Printing pressure – 0kg to 26kg Frame size – 736mm*736mm*38mm Pr

Ekloo Bis

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Virtual Industries Debuts VSPT Series of Small Parts Tips

Industry News | 2008-07-30 23:24:03.0

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO � July 29, 2008 � Virtual Industries Inc., a leading supplier of manual vacuum handling solutions, introduces the VSPT0803 small part tip.

Virtual Industries, Inc.

Chinese Government Suspends Cyanide-Gold Plating Ban

Industry News | 2013-09-25 16:06:25.0

On September 23, 2013, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China issued a circular postponing the implementation of the regulation that would have eliminated cyanide-gold plating at the end of 2014.

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

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Yamaha Khy-m4570-20 Yamaha mounter yg12 / YS12 head I / O board yg12f

Yamaha Khy-m4570-20 Yamaha mounter yg12 / YS12 head I / O board yg12f

Parts & Supplies | Storage Equipment

Khy-m4570-20 Yamaha mounter yg12 / YS12 head I / O board yg12f Khy-m4570-20 Yamaha mounter yg12 / YS12 head I / O board yg12f Product description Brand:YAMAHA model:Khy-m4570-20 Product type:IO card Scope of application:yg12 / YS12 head board


Universal Instruments Gold plate feeder

Parts & Supplies | Pick and Place/Feeders

We have a lot of Universal Gold plate electronic feeder in stocks for sale, if you have demands, just inform me, it's pleased to provid for you. Thank you!

Shenzhen Tek-Develop Equipment Co., Ltd

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Brief description of ENIG for Multilayer PCB

Technical Library | 2013-01-18 02:42:14.0

ENIG (Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold) is to deposit nickel gold plating which has good solderability, wear resistance , leveling appearance and small electric resistance. It included 4 steps that are pretreatment, immersion nickel, immersion gold and Post treatment...

Everest PCB equipment Co.,Ltd

Gold Embrittlement In Lead-Free Solder.

Technical Library | 2014-08-07 15:13:44.0

Gold embrittlement in SnPb solder is a well-known failure mechanism in electronic assembly. To avoid this issue, prior studies have indicated a maximum gold content of three weight percent. This study attempts to provide similar guidance for Pb-free (SAC305) solder. Standard surface mount devices were assembled with SnPb and SAC305 solder onto printed boards with various thicknesses of gold plating. The gold plating included electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) and electrolytic gold of 15, 25, 35, and 50 microinches over nickel. These gold thicknesses resulted in weight percentages between 0.4 to 7.0 weight percent.

DfR Solutions

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auto pcb screen printer, auto smt stencil printer , auto solder paste printer , stencil printing machine, PCB solder paste printer

auto pcb screen printer, auto smt stencil printer , auto solder paste printer , stencil printing machine, PCB solder paste printer


PCB solder paste printer for SMT is needed to screen print solder paste onto the printed circuit board (PCB) before placement of surface mount components (SMD) for Reflow Soldering. Automatic PCB solder paste screen printer with pecial

ASCEN Technology

How To Re-plate and Repair PCB Gold Fingers

How To Re-plate and Repair PCB Gold Fingers


BEST Inc master instructor Norman Mier demonstrates how to replate gold fingers using the BEST gold contact replating kit. In this video he demonstrates how to repair, prepare and replate the finger using a gold replating solution. If you want to lea


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Measuring Solderability Webinar

Events Calendar | Thu Jun 23 23:30:00 EDT 2016 - Thu Jun 23 12:30:00 EDT 2016 | Rolling Meadows, USA

Measuring Solderability Webinar


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ACI Technologies, Inc

ACI Technologies, Inc. |

ACI Technologies, Inc Identification of Solder Joint Failures The Helpline received a call from a manufacturer who had experienced solder joint reliability issues with gold plated pins in a lead-free solder

ACI Technologies, Inc.

Lighting & LED Plasma Treatment | Nordson MARCH

ASYMTEK Products | Nordson Electronics Solutions |

Nordson MARCH Bonding Strengths at Plastic Encapsulent−Gold-Plated Copper Leadframe Interface Nordson MARCH Preventing Adhesive Resin Bleed in Microelectronics Assembly Through Gas Plasma Technology Nordson MARCH First

ASYMTEK Products | Nordson Electronics Solutions

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