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Solder briding on QFP

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 08 22:39:22 EST 2010 | graceytiu07

Thanks for the reply. I'll try your suggestion. I tried the SEM EDX to check for traces that might cause the bridging problem but it looks normal. I haven't tried yet the material level analysis of the QFP. Thanks again.

Selective Soldering Issues

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 29 08:39:57 EDT 2012 | grauen06

We have not tried baking the boards yet. We are first going to try a new flux. If the flux fails we may try baking.

Juki gang picking same part number

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 19 09:24:46 EDT 2018 | grek

Hello, try to find Operation options on your machines And try to find something like: Treat the same components as alternatives feeders. I know only 2070/2080 but it could be similar. Not sure if this is what you need but you can try

TRI For Lead Planning

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 24 15:11:30 EDT 2001 | davef

For US folk ... "The U.S. EPA announced on April 17, 2001 that it will proceed with its Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) rule to significantly expand the information available to the public about lead emissions in their communities. The final TRI lead

QFP Defect

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 25 17:01:18 EDT 2001 | traviss

Do you by chance have a copper layer soaking the heat away from the pads? If you do or even if you don�t you may want to try bumping your bottom heaters up, try bringing the heat through the PCB. This may help pull the solder down to the pads. This m

Solder Balls @ the Wave Solder Process

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 27 15:25:51 EST 2001 | Ken Lester

Options that may help. Do you use a Vibratory Wave if so try reducing. The solder temperature shouldn't be to high. I would suggest 485F but is process dependant. Try slowing the preheat cycle this also may help. because this is variable I would try

via in pad

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 18 22:32:20 EDT 2002 | mdm4ua

If you have room try putting a small piece of tape on the bottom of the stencil right next the aperture that is giving you the problem. The added height of the tape (Kapton tape is usually about 3 mils thick) will likely give you a heavy enough depo

Reflective coating on PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 21 11:49:31 EST 2002 | V.RAMANAND KINI

Thank you for this information. I will try this. Infact i am already working on this type of idea. In the mean time, I did try the traditional HAL finish on PCB since it can reflect the light to some extent. I am also trying lacquers peters white s/

Agilis Feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 24 17:49:37 EDT 2003 | pbc1963

Ken, We're talking pennies. Even though the cost of a reel would be cheaper than trying to account for lost components I have to come close in figuring this attrition amount. Reason being is to try and prevent unplanned shortages. I am in constant

Component non wetting

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 17:12:14 EDT 2004 | babe

Take a solder iron with some wire solder and attempt to tin the leads of the component. Look under magnifier or microscope. Did they wet? If not try fluxing them with liquid flux and then soldering again. Did they wet? If they did not then you may wa

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