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GSM2 Universal user name and password

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 06 17:39:58 EDT 2012 | sonavc

I got GSM2 Universal at auction. the machine boot O.K. it asked to put user name and password to run the software. please any ideal to remove it or reinstall the software. ( I have NO Manual or software ) thanks

PCB contamination with NC Flux after Wave Solder

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 23 10:41:36 EDT 2012 | blnorman

Ideally first you need to analyze the residue to see what it is. We had a customer with white residues after wave and elemental analysis revealed tin.

Mechanical Delamination at de-panel

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 10 21:15:01 EDT 2014 | comatose

We had a similar problem once, it was due to insufficient v-score depth. While waiting for remade PCBs we would run an exacto knife along the score lines prior to depanel to cut a little deeper. Not ideal for sure, and not fast, but it worked.

chip placed upside down

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 10 11:51:15 EDT 2014 | rway

Your target ppm in on the Juki machine a take it. So it's rejecting these parts due to the inversion? Any way to disable this. A right-side down resistor is not ideal, but it will certainly work electrically. Reese

ideal solder paste viscosity

Electronics Forum | Thu May 14 08:22:27 EDT 2015 | m_imtiaz

in enclosed data sheet mentioned 230Pa.s with malcom viscosity meter i have brookfield viscocity meter kindly suggest

Hi anyone have recommended pcb manufacturer?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 02 23:28:44 EDT 2017 | dawson

there are many ideal pcb manufacturers can reach your requirements. multi-layer and hdi boards, you can try and test http://www.madpcb.com

Potting/Conformal Coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 02 07:47:57 EST 2016 | deanm

Sounds like over molding would be ideal, but if they don't want to spend for a mold I would look at silicone conformal coatings that can be used in a dip process. Silicones are thicker than other coating materials and multiple drippings may provide t

IC void

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 02 22:26:46 EDT 2016 | slouis2014

i have tried to design the stencil as attached, but the void is more than 35%. do you have any idea what is the ideal diameter for the stencil aperture for the solder to spread and the flux to be released out of the component simultaneously. thanks a

Omniflow 5

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 14 11:43:49 EST 2017 | matthale

Does anyone know of a good servicing company for Omniflow reflow ovens? Preferably in the north of the UK. The chain rails on ours have warped and need straightening. While the oven is still usable without, it is by no means ideal.

Tyco Hermphrodite connector, mixed up connectors with different surface finishes

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 28 08:00:58 EST 2017 | spoiltforchoice

https://blog.samtec.com/post/dissimilar-metals-in-mating-connectors/ The table in this article would suggest this is far from ideal

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