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Re: BGA on Fuji IP2 Tray MFU

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 04 10:20:52 EDT 2000 | JOHN

Hi A better method wolud be to use a belt feeder the reason being the vibratory feeders tend to blow mfu signal ports I believe you can retrofit your machine to take the BGA also if the bga has no matrix pattern in the centre there is no re

FUjJI IP-3 / MTU4 proper measurement tricks

Electronics Forum | Mon May 04 22:42:46 EDT 1998 | Phillipf Hunter

Okay, Fuji MTU4 experts...I need a precise way to determin the X-origin and Y-origin of the tray plates. The center of the S-nozzle referenced to the plate corner is very difficult to EXACTLY measure. I need accuracy to pick small QFP28's - otherwi

Matrix Trays

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 22 09:48:35 EDT 2005 | PWH

Post a simple CAD picture of a BGA or IC on the door of the machine near where it gets loaded. This has helped us. Flash IC's can also be difficult as you can't always put pin one near front, left of tray slot. So... we always say pin one left no


Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 19 08:29:42 EST 2009 | jdumont

We have had a 421 for a little over a year now and after the initial software bugs (we were one of the first users in the US i think) the machine is excellent! I would definitely recommend it. FWIW I was also looking at Juki but the feeder capacit

Anyone Place TH components with a Universal Platform machine? GSM, Advantis, Genesis?

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 25 11:19:23 EDT 2017 | swag

We've done some of this - paste in hole. O.K. success but really we prefer to do stuff on selective wave for best results. For your application, look at a high force head to place the snap in component. Additionally, you might find it more efficie

Re: Matrix Trays

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 05 16:27:40 EDT 2000 | M. Vina

Mike, I believe these are two possible sources: Peak (408) 934-2480 Eco-Tel (408) 524-7100 M. Vina


Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 29 10:44:35 EDT 1999 | Doug Nebel

We have placed them before. You can only inspect the perimeter, but with the larger pitch in wasn't a problem. We also picked off matrix trays, but the BGA's we did had no center array. But if that type are on T&R it should work as well.

Re: Matrix Tray Feeders

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 23 14:14:25 EDT 1999 | Steve Restinetti (aka Bix)

Parvez, Are you looking for 28x28mm TQFP's or regular QFP's? My company has thousands of them of all kinds, let me know, maybe we can ship some to you. Thanks. Steve stever@uttc.ca bix@netcom.ca bix@smtnet.com

Recycling Matrix Trays

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 24 19:15:12 EDT 2002 | davef

Search the fine SMTnet Archives for background on this, Chris. Here one example: http://www.smtnet.com//forums/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_thread&CFApp=1&Thread_ID=4515&#Message17601

Matrix Trays

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 16 11:20:04 EDT 2002 | slthomas

http://www.semicycle.com/semicycle.htm Funny thing, they never told us they paid for them, just that they'd provide boxes and pick them up. I wonder how much $$ they owe me??

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