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hot air rework station / solder paste

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hot air rework station / solder paste | 16 November, 2006

Hi, I am new in this industry and have purchased a beguinner unut, a 3-in-1 solder, desolder, hot air station. Currently I work on cellphone mainboards. At the moment I only replace single large chips on the mainboard. I would like to be able to replace smaller chips, but single chips only (no board washes). It was my understanidng that I could buy some solder paste, and it would work for my needs. Any reccomendations on what type of solder paste? I was thinking lead free water soluable. It was reccommended if I eventually buy a stencil printer, that I should use lead free no clean. I am not stencil printing right now though, only replacing single chips. Any advice is appreciated.

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hot air rework station / solder paste | 17 November, 2006

Mark, This is a big topic. Where are you located, it would probably be best to hook you up with someone in your area. Anyhow, lead or lead free should be based on whether the circuits are lead or lead free. I would guess that cell phones would all be lead free by now. Water Sol. does not mean you need a washer, you can wash pretty easily by hand (see , no, I don't sell it). WS can also be a bit more forgiving in the process. You can also get a free sample of anything from just about every major paste provider. The next issue will be how to stencil print paste on a populated PCB. There are all kinds of micro-stencils for doing this also.

Let me know where you are located, and I could probably steer you towards a sales person that could also help you technically.

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hot air rework station / solder paste | 17 November, 2006

Hi, I am located in Auburn Mass (USA) right near Worcester. Now I noticed you talked about micro stencil for a populated PCB, would I need one? Or could I use a syringe to lay a tiny dot of paste since im only replacing a chip or 2 (at the moment)? I am new with this technology, so thanks for offering info on where I should start off.

-Mark S.

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hot air rework station / solder paste | 17 November, 2006

I'm in North Attleboro, small world.

To answer your question, you can deposit small dots of paste with a syringe. Kind of tricky work, and there are small stencil soluions out there fairly inexpensively. See (I don't sell this either).

Since your here, I would talk to they are here in NE.

For equipment, you should talk to the equipment reps, they'll all try to sell you something... But, they may have something that would help you. Conact They are local, and pretty techy guys. I work with these guys on the used equipment and new wave solder and reflow ovens, and have worked with them in the past with Ekra Screen Printers.

I'll e you so you have all my contact info.

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