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Flux applied by hand

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Flux applied by hand | 1 April, 2013

Hi to everyone, I have a bad situation here, I'm getting a wave solder back to life and I realized that my automatic fluxer is no longer working (some parts seems to dissapear), I already look for a new one, but I will get approval untill year end, so I have the operator applying flux by hand with a plastic spray bottle, is there any other trick besides my operator's hand...?

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Flux applied by hand | 2 April, 2013

We had to use a bin and dip bottom of board in it once when we we're waiting for a replacement part. Worked ok for what it was anyway.

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Flux applied by hand | 2 April, 2013

I have seen it done exactly the way you do it and I think spraying will be better than dipping. However the best way is still to have your fluxer fixed and working.

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Flux applied by hand | 2 April, 2013

If you move to the spray bottle, be sure to label it so there is no mistake as to the contents, you wouldn't want unlableled materials on the production floor, for a couple of reasons...

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Flux applied by hand | 3 April, 2013

Good advices. What do you think of using a gravity paint spray gun? somebody recommend it to me, it will still depend on the operator but at least it would be more constant.. make sense?


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Flux applied by hand | 5 April, 2013

Hey Hi, I am new engineer in Electronic Manufacturing Industry. I have a similar problem here,operator applies the flux by dipping the PCB in the flux bath. So could anyone please help me with following questions 1) What could be the possible impacts of such activity.(how worse it can go by not using a conventional flux bath) 2) What could be cost of getting a new flux bath for the oven.

I appreciate your inputs!!!

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