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Terms | 20 December, 2000

Does anyone know the terms or keywords for the following? PIH ECA CCA

Thanks Larry

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Chris May


Re: Terms | 20 December, 2000


A bit of a puzzler

How about PIH = Pin In Hole

As for the other two, they are not something that I have come across and immediately recognise.

What are they in relation too ??


Chris May

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Re: Terms | 20 December, 2000

ECA- Electronic Component Assembly, Electronic Control Amplifier, Examination, Certification and Analysis (performed during IQT, Electronic Commerce Association,European Crystallographic Association, electronics contract assembly, Eastern Communication Association, Extra-Curricular Activity, ect...

CCA- chromated copper arsenate, Circuit Card Assembly, Component Cost Analysis, Copy Control Association (DVD, Cable Communications Association, Canadian Cooperatives Association, Cost of Customer Acquisition, ect..

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Re: Terms | 26 December, 2000

PIH, I think this stands for, Paste In Hole. (Intrusive reflow)

ECA, ?

CCA, ?

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