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mirae pick and place machine



mirae pick and place machine | 11 April, 2003

we are evaluating mirae1025 pick and place machine along with mydata tp9-2u samsung cp45lv has any one got info on mirae and how do you rate this against the other two.. or alternatively should i include anu other similer model. i amd having not much money to buy

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Jon Fox


mirae pick and place machine | 11 April, 2003

Assembleon Topaz (many different flavors) or you can pick up an almost new Universal GSM pretty cheap these days. Are you looking for "new" equipment only? What are your requirements and/or features you are looking at/for? Another good machine if you're looking for new is the Juki KE-2000 series (many different flavors). I've been running a 2020 for over a year now, and its been a great little machine.

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mirae pick and place machine | 11 April, 2003

The question new or used was discussed several times. If you start fresh and have no experience with one or the other machine vendor, I would get a new machine, whose supplier has a service tech in driving distance. If you select the used machine path, get a machine, which are on the market in large numbers, like Fuji, Siemens, Universal, Philips, Panasonic and Mydata. You'll get a lot of machine for your money and it is more likely that you find machine operators or service techs for these machines, than for Mirae, Samsung or Juki ( Zevatech ). The Mirae looks very nice on the show floor. Mydata is a good choice for your small to mid volume requirements.

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mirae pick and place machine | 12 April, 2003


I want to echo the above good advice.

Be careful that you either buy a machine from a company that will be here 5 years out or you buy training, equipment documentation and spare parts to cover you.

YiEng, MA/NY DDave

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Brian W.


mirae pick and place machine | 14 April, 2003

In many cases, if you buy a used machine, it is worth the investment to register your machine with the manufacturer. That way you have access to support and information for your machine. A number of the machine manufacturers also refurbish their equipment before they sell it to you, and will provide some type of warranty. The refurbished machines are very reasonable in price. I have even gone so far as to purchase a 1 year maintenance contract for a machine that we bought from a broker. I then had the manufacturer install the machine. The warranty more than paid for itself just in the installation. Beware of deals that seem to good to be true...They usually are.

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mirae pick and place machine | 15 April, 2003

I would agree with the advice given by previous poster's. "Buyer Beware" is the rule of the day. Especially when dealing with 3rd. party brokers.

Keep an eye out for some of the teir 1 EMS corp's auctions. You can pick up some excellent deals on well maintained "low mileage" SMT equipment for 10% of it's original purchase price. Dovebid is a well respected auction site, but there's a 10% commission if your bid is accepted.

Also, manufacturers are happy to sell you remanufactured machines at really reasonable $ with a warranty. Look into the Universal GSM (Flexjet Head). Solid machines, with good support.

Fuji is great, and plentiful on the used market now, but pricey for parts, service, support and training. The best doesn't come cheap.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

Regards, Dave

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