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Wave solder pallets

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Wave solder pallets | 2 May, 2006

Howdy all. The question that I have is on wave solder pallets. I'm getting quite a bit of flux trapped on the pcb where it contacts the wave solder pallet. I have an appropriate profile for my assemblies, The flux that i use is Kester 920-CXF No Clean, I wont be changing this flux for quite a while. How do all of you deal with flux being trapped under the wave solder pallet and not burning off? Thanks much. Jay Brower

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Wave solder pallets | 2 May, 2006

What you can do is perforate the board holding rim by drilling holes of 0.6mm (similar to via's). This will reduce the mass and heatsinking capacity, allow excess flux drainage and facilitate convection heat contacting the board through the holes. This will also allow flux vapors (from direct contact with wave) otherwise condensing onto the board, escaping trough the holes. Depending on the flux characteristics this might not totally eliminate the problem, but will definitely reduce the amount of residues. And don't worry solder can not penetrate holes that size.

Good luck Pat

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Wave solder pallets | 2 May, 2006

Hey there, Thanks Patrick, I was wondering about holes in the wave solder pallet. Thanks for the info. I'll try that! Jay

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