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Through Hole Reflow

Arulvanan P


Through Hole Reflow | 22 February, 2000

Hi, I am in the process of implemeting Through Hole Reflow. 1.I would to know which are the products/Companies that use that use this process.

2. Is there any reference / standard to convince my QA dept. to accept the boards even though there is no fillet on the bottom protruded lead?

3.As per ANSI J STD 001, the through hole should have at least 75% solder joint. How to measure this % in production sample lot and go smoothly without any arguments.

Appreciate your help,

Regards, Arul

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Through Hole Reflow | 28 November, 2001

Did you have any luck in finding an acceptance criteria that QA accepted? We have had excellent results on signal pins of D-sunb connectors but the grounding prongs dod not meet IPC standard 610C, 4.3 Thanks, John

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