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QuadAlign | 30 June, 2006

We are having continual QuadAlign issues with a 1997 vintage QSP2. Every part on the machine has been replaced´┐Ż now they want to replace the entire head on gantry one. Does anyone have any experience in this area?

Sincerely, Andy Micro Air, Inc.

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QuadAlign | 30 June, 2006

Hi Andy,

PPM specializes in Quad equipment. We also offer free phone-support for troubleshooting your machines. If you would like please contact us @ 603 895 5112.


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QuadAlign | 30 June, 2006

Did they take you into the real time computer and check the display live image actually see if the quad align is good or not???? What types of errors are you getting???? Can you do a machine- calibration- quadalign and get a good reading????

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QuadAlign | 10 July, 2006

Error we get is quadalign. Calibration is good. Signal for this head appears better than #2 which works fine. As soon as 1 picks up the first part we get quadalign error.

Thanks for any help you may have.


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QuadAlign | 10 July, 2006

Have you tried turning the theta manually to feel if it is stiff or having a harder time turning. This will cause Quadalign errors. also be sure the handling is not set to 10% on the theta this is also a problem.

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