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Good book

Sujith Peiris


Good book | 11 July, 2001

Hi.. Any body know a good book to learn PCB designing.

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Good book | 11 July, 2001

I�ve written a review to be published in an up-coming SMTnet Newsletter of �Printed Circuit Assembly Design� Leonard Marks, James A. Caterina [Hardcover - 368 pages (July 26, 2000) McGraw Hill Text; ISBN: 0070411077]. In short, �

In �Printed Circuit Assembly Design�, Leonard Marks and James A. Caterina describe the processes, methods, and tools used in designing printed circuit assemblies, the considerations that influence how to lay-out a PCA, and the typical design process and relationships between process elements. The book explains the different approaches for developing and documenting designs and suggests approaches for organizing these activities. There are two types of books on printed circuit assembly design. These books either: (1) focus on solving a specific issue, such as high speed digital design, EMI, or power supply design or (2) cover a broad range of issues of general application to most designs. �Printed Circuit Assembly Design� fits in the latter group and fills a void that is at least 10 years old.

While getting a bit long in the tooth, other general books to consider are: * "Bare Board PWB Design Manual� NS Einarson, Printed Circuit Technology, 1995 * "Surface Mount Technology for PC Board Design� JK Hollomon, Prompt Publications, 1995

MacLeod Ross "A Comprehensive Guide Design & Manufacture Of PCA� V1 & V2 may take too broad a look for your needs [as I imagine them], but it certainly gives context.

Also, poke-around the SMTA Bookstore. They used to have people reviewing the books they offer.

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