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Selective Solder Pot Leaded - Next Steps?

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Selective Solder Pot Leaded - Next Steps? | 21 April, 2016

My company bought a used EBSO SPA 400-F selective solder machine at an auction. At the time we bought it we were not sure what kind of solder it was. So we had the solder sent in and analyzed, and it was leaded instead of lead-free. What options do I have since leaded solder cannot be used in any of our processes?

There are a couple things I could think of off the top of my head.

Fix it: Try to take the leaded solder out and replace with new lead-free solder. Not sure if this is worth the effort or hazards that would come with it. Getting the lead content to below 0.1% as required by RoHS might be troublesome. Maybe there are companies that could do this if this step is dangerous?

Buy new pot: See if there is another solder pot that is empty or lead-free for buying...probably too costly.

Sell it: We could sell the whole machine, and buy another used one that is lead-free (sounds kinda silly to me).

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Selective Solder Pot Leaded - Next Steps? | 26 April, 2016

The first thing you should check is if your solder pot is compatible with lead free solder. Most selective solder manufactures have different pots for different types of alloys. If it is compatible you would need to dump the pot, fill it with a SN100 type alloy, and then dump it again and then fill with alloy of your choice.

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